llet’s discuss a subject not related to the Church but likewise just as important. Our country has taken front stage since President Duterte took the reigns of government. He has gone full throttle in the fight against drugs. Listen to the news, read social media. There is not one day where an alleged drug user or pusher is not put out of misery. Politicians, Police Officers, Judges, name it and if it warrants he’ll include you in the list of wannabes.

Cbx5E_KUsAA3j7GAm I against the President’s initiative? Do I offer alternative measures? Am I sensing that things may get out of hand? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! If Digong ran again for president, I’d still vote for him. I don’t give a damn what the constitution says. If it says otherwise, it should be rewritten. THE VOICE OF THE CITIZEN IS LAW, and not the words that describe it. First time in Philippine history do we have a President with balls and heart. That’s a an almost impossible combination in government.

If you fear the momentum, the drive, just get out of the way. Simple as that. Collateral damage? It’s expected. No one, not even the President I’m sure could have perceived that this drug problem would be so severe  in such magnitude. Desperate times, desperate measures. Our future and the future of our children and their children depends on it.

The following video which has been circulating on social media made my stomach turn. See for yourself where this country was headed for.