maxresdefaultoon different circumstances, the birthday of one of the strongest woman I have come to know and understand, would have been different. But as destiny had chosen, times are different. Her resolve remains the same however, as with hundreds of others like her who have stood fast and firm. To you Ka Lottie, we greet you a very, very happy birthday from the bottom of our hearts!  We shall never abandon the conviction and example you have shown for the love of the Church where we belong to this day.  Take care po and your family too. My wife says,“Happy Birthday Ka Lottie, gusto kitang yakapin anak. Ramdam ko ang laman ng iyong puso. Matatapos rin ito tulad ng dilim ng gabi bago sisikat ang araw. Anak, hindi ka pababayaan ng Ama. Huwag mo rin pababayaan ang mga kapatid mo. Si Ka Angel, lalo na mga bata. Ingat kayong lahat. Mahal kita, mahal ko kayong lahat.”

  • Mr. and Mrs. W. Smith


tthis, we received on our FB wall. We are grateful that your Mom has made her first step towards full recovery. With God’s grace, all things are possible. Take care po Ka Lowell and to your Mom Ka Minda, we wish you the best of health. Ingat po at magpagaling kayo. Hindi po tayo iiwanan o pababayaan ng Diyos na nakakaunawa sa lahat ng nangyayari sa Kaniyang kawan at sa Kaniyang mga tapat na anak.

  • Mr. and Mrs. W.  Smith

Lowell Menorca II –

13892275_286884808335470_8423610878338469318_nI just wanted to inform everyone po that Mama’s is now with me and I am taking care of her full time. She was discharged by the hospital with a hope of recovery. She’s paralyzed from her right side of the body, but I have faith that with God’s help and continued love and support, she will be able to fully recover. Her bleeding in the brain stopped already, the clot is dissolving, there’s no more pressure in the brain. Even the doctors consider her recovery as a complete miracle after declaring that she only has but a few hours to live when she was rushed to the hospital last June 12, 2016. But after a prayer, plus the prayers of all of those love her, she was taken out of palliative care and was starting to recover.

She’s eating thru a tube now but we’re slowly introducing her to soft diet to get the necessary nutrients that she needs in order to regain her strength. I would just like to that everyone po for all the love, prayers and support that you given to Mama, we really appreciate it po. God Bless po and Praises be to God 🙂

And by the way, don’t you find it strange that a lot of brethren have been unjustly expelled for just being seen with me or for being acquainted with me or even FB Friends… but my mother who has been with me, is still enlisted in the church.

I would just like to make it known that Ka Minda is the brave and principled mother who told me to be a Defender and to tell the whole truth and not to be afraid of the persecution, to always remember to love and obey God before any man, to never give up and to always pray for God’s guidance in everything I do.

So you want to know why the church administration has also detained my mother in the Philippines, guarded by 4 security personnel 24/7 at her residence in LIG Condominium until she was rescued and taken here to Canada by my sister but was still under close watch by the District Minister Rod Bruno. It is also the reason why my cousin Marlon Guinto who was an STF Minister assigned in Easter Canada was all of a sudden assigned here in Western Canada for a “Special Assignment” against our family and relatives here.

Many brethren are asking me why my mother is still not expelled from the church, as if there is something that the church administration is afraid of. Well, I will reveal really soon the information she holds and the proof that she has why they are still trying to “preserve” their hold on my mother.

13900308_286906334999984_7614956994886106847_nBut even if they heavily guard my mother’s residence in the Philippines and confiscate all her belongings, even if they threaten all of her relatives and bribe the ones that are fanatics in the family, even if they try to discredit my mother and proclaim how the Church Administrator has been very “good” to her over the years, even if they expell her tomorrow, they can never erase the FACTS

1. That Ka Minda Menorca is a MOTHER DEFENDER
2. That She is aware of the truth and will always stand by it
3. That She has sons and a daughter who know how to love and care for a mother unlike someone we all know

Her life and health are in the hands of God and she is prepared for anything, and if ever, she will not have any regrets because she has stood up for the truth so that the lies covering the current church administration be finally exposed.

We love you Mama! And we will always love and take care of you the way God instructed His true servants.