wwow! The momentum is really speeding up. No stopping it they say!

Why visit the casinos, a rock concert, or the “red” house when we’ve got it all for you! Just come and join the EVM CHURCH!  But wait, there’s more!  If you’re into extremes and wish to try a little Hit-Man stuff with a motor bike and full gear shit, we also have that just for you!  Dial (632) 924 4311 and our friendly operators will be there to assist you!

Everyone, come and join the Concert and sing your hearts out with, “Kaisa mo Ako!, Kaisa mo Kami!” Free Ecstacy for everyone at the 102nd Anniversary!! 

[All credits to the Defenders (Iglesia ni Cristo) who made these photos and clips possible]


Or maybe some discreet “red house” adventure with no one getting the wiser. You wear church clothes and accompany our ministers in barong and pretend to attend worship service inside the Bilibid National Penitentiary. By the way, we have a chapel inside if you didn’t know.  You enjoy and also get to earn 5 to 10 thousand pesos per visit. What more can you ask for?! (but of course there’s a cut for the minister 🙂 ).




And, if that’s not your cup of tea, we can give you a free training seminar on the skills to becoming an expert Hit-Man in two weeks. But of course, as always there’s no full proof guarantee that you’ll get away with it. You’ll enjoy it though, until that is you also get a bullet in your head!  But as UFC would say, “No Pain, No Gain!”, so come everyone! Let’s Get It On!

(Note: Based on reports, the man in the bike was shot by a civilian police officer who happened to witness the man shoot someone  inside a car and attempting to escape. The victim in the car was brought to a hospital.)