aa few months ago, March 4, 2016 to be precise,  INCSentinel published a very interesting article “Why haven’t the Defenders won yet?”


The author  has unfortunately not written since and if you read his article you’ll understand why. On my Facebook Account I shared some similar thoughts which did not read well with many of our friends. Here is that FB post of July 2, 2016:

” Just saw the video of what happened at Tandang Sora. Altercation between the barangay officials, some policemen, and the defenders. This is what happens when leaders for reasons known only to them, refuse to come out in the open and leave the dirty work to their followers. When I say leaders, EVM on one side and Ka Angel on the other (or whoever represents 36 Tandang Sora). We argue that EVM is a coward for not confronting head on all the problems of the Church and leave the explaining and mudslinging to his cohorts. But how do we fare in this squabble? Has any one of Ka Erdy’s family come out in the open to present their position or is it merely us who are doing the fighting for them and paying dearly for it? Countless brethren have already been expelled, many have already experienced physical threats. A few have sacrificed and come from distant regions just to file for violation of human rights not for themselves but for Tandang Sora. Maybe its time both sides ask themselves who or what are we fighting for – personalities or the Church?”

Actually, this fiasco of the Church will subsequently end whether we like it or not. Not because God had proclaimed it but simply because we are down in too much monetary debt. Without any business or financial background and expertise what could we expect. Where the organization’s “income” is derived exclusively from voluntary contributions, to think otherwise would be outright foolish.  In fact, even the most financed and experienced, have seen bankruptcy. On March 17, 2016, CBINSIGHTS reported the Biggest, Costliest Startup Failures of All Time.

“As you’ll see below, the reasons for failure are varied but a few common threads do emerge such as running out of money, inability to generate sustainable revenue, bad product-market fit and losing to competitors. And then there were some uncommon and more dramatic causes of failure…(https://www.cbinsights.com/blog/biggest-startup-failures/)”

And so, most probably at the finish line we’d just be a group of religious fanatics with nothing to show for it. No properties, no chapels, and no EVM and his many Knights of the Crooked Table (They’d have made a quick escape by then I’m sure, most probably to the Cayman Islands. Read about the financial protection offered there, in fact you can easily be sued for even inquiring about finances other than yours.)

Or if we prefer to minimize the brunt of the crash, we could opt for a change in Church Administration, the sooner the better. But how? Well definitely it won’t start from the populace or “sheep”. We already know that. With everything now in the open, the loans, the sale of properties, questionable investments, moral issues, etc., the majority have surprisingly remained silent and opted to be just that. Silent and afraid to test the tide. Restore the Church? The big question remains, HOW? Of course, there are many out there speaking their hearts out in social media. Which is a good thing by the way. At least the brethren though timid in many aspects are now aware of the true events transpiring inside their beloved Church.

But it will not be enough  to make a meaningful change. In any change and I mean ANY change, a catalyst is a prerequisite. Someone or some group should be in the forefront initiating the direction of movement with one source as the spear.  Read your history, have any uprisings succeeded without a leader taking over the horse’s reins? Even during Marcos’ era, protests and cries for change were in every corner but it took an Enrile and Ramos to act as catalysts. Fortunately for them, the citizenry supported the movement otherwise they would be branded as traitors and probably executed by now and of course,“history is written by the victors.”

Now, what are we implying? Simple, the sheep will follow, pastors lead the way. And if our beloved ministers who silently behind an anonymous name bravely declare that they are NOT One With EVM, I guess you’ll have to prove your worth. That was and still is your solemn oath isn’t it? To protect and care for the Church “mamatay ka man” or was it just written down on paper and hung on a wall for people to see and uplift your false sense of pride? Or maybe, we are all waiting for another Messiah as Doc Lito Fruto would say, waiting for Elias Pakaskas to lead the way. Well, kids, it ain’t gonna happen. There will be no flying saucers coming down from the sky to help us. The bible closed a long time ago with Ka Felix as the last Sugo here on earth. The final outcome of our Church  depends solely on our appreciation of events and our willingness for change and the ministers to lead the movement. (Besides, it was one of your kind that started all this, wasn’t it?) The brethren will follow I’m sure.

But like I said earlier, we all can opt for a safer alternative. Just wait it out until the Church runs dry and pick up the pieces. That is, if there are still any pieces to pick up.

But wait there’s more! While contemplating and waiting in the comfort of WordPress and Facebook let’s learn to manage our frustrations with this clip I picked up from the Net.


Good day everyone, we just watched Ice Age: Collision Course. I enjoyed it immensely but sadly, my wife slept it through. I think she didn’t like it. Hmmm …