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This just came in posted on Sher Lock’s FB Account.  This time from Germany the Second Head Deacon from a locale in Germany, Northern Europe.

“Dearest Brothers and Sisters in – faith / DEFENDERS of the CHURCH as well as ONE WITH EVM . The first Church Head Deacon in Europe who bravely and with conviction voice out his dissapointments about what is really happening now inside the church.

This video was created by our German Brother JORG NEY , the 2nd Head Deacon in the locale of Germany, Ecclesiastical District of Northern Europe since 2005. He together with his wife devoted his time fulfilling his divine obligations inside the church.

In the past days and weeks, he was ordered by the GREAT EVIL-MINDED MINISTERS in Northern Europe to spy on his wife who is a DEFENDER.

OWE MINISTERS , ROMEO MARQUEZ, (District Minister) ; ROEBEN GOPEZ (District Secretary) ; REX MANAHAN (District Auditor) ; CHRISTIAN REYNOSO ; JAKE AARON EDIC ; MARVIN ADRIANO , upon the dictatorship and utmost blessings of the ALMIGHTY SANGGOONS continously harrassing BRO. JORG NEY and his family He came up in conclusion and decided to stand for what is right in the eyes of God. To stand for the truth.

Here is Brother’s Ney, message to the Church’s Administration. .

To God be the glory.”


And from husband and wife Bro. Rollan and Sis. Mhaiya – FullSizeRender

“Dear Bro. A.E.,

My family and I are finally making our stand. None of the ministers could give me a thoughtful answer to my questions, and we will not be party to works of unclean spirit. These thoughts and revelation, we believe, would help others to open their eyes.

Dizon ParentsOur parents also share these thoughts, not because we are their children, but because they know what is right and could not stand the lies and deception anymore. They raised us to love and fear God above all and to always do our best to do what is right even when others don’t. …”

You can read the complete story on AE’s post –