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First it was Lowell Menorca, then Dr. Lito Fruto, and now a simple God fearing mother … Who’s next?

Can’t silence us with words so are you now proposing a different kind of fight?


(“Our home was showered by bullets in the early hours of around 3 in the morning. It  lasted for approximately  5 minutes with bullets blasting through our living room windows. Everything started when I noticed our dogs barking and howling. When the barking didn’t stop I decided to check the living room with the only lights coming from our bathroom. After assuring that my children were safely secured in a corner of our home, I did my best to call for help from my friends and the police. We cramped and embraced each other until I was sure that the police had arrived. More than 8 slugs were left behind plus the magazine of the gun used. I consulted with those experienced in these things and came up with the same conclusion as to who could have initiated this act. I thank God that He has continuously protected my family. And thank you very much to all  who came to protect me and my family,”)