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I just discovered the probable reason why Nicodemus has deleted his account. In my email I received a letter from the WordPress staff that they were issued a subpoena to produce account information of the following blog sites: incsilentnomore, incfromtheedge, nicodemus1990, and yours truly increflections. The email reads:

Samson v Reyes 2016-06-13 (1)mail

The complaint was initiated by Isias Samson Jr. against Regalado Reyes. Rommel San Pedro is acting as Counsel for Reyes. Accusations by Samson are numerous among which are stalking, destruction of property, etc. The problem is – the blog sites mentioned above including account information will have to be disclosed to the courts if it is so deemed necessary to serve as evidence in favor of the Plaintiff or Petitioner (Samson).  The Subpoena reads as follows:

Samson v Reyes 2016-06-13 (1)

So dear readers and friends, let’s hope for the best. If one of these days, this site and those mentioned above should suddenly go pffftt, relax.  Nothing that can’t be fixed 🙂

  • W. Smith