Based on a true story – William

tthe dark night cracked as long jagged lines of brillant light covered the sky in seemingly prearranged cue. Followed by a deafening crash of thunder. The storm had hit this side of the city without warning. Strong winds and heavy rains pounding down on every curb and corner.  Despite people running hastily from the rain, Hospital Emergency this time of year was unnaturally quiet.

He walked out the door and lit a Marlboro lite as he glanced upward wondering if this downpour would ever stop.  It was cold, wet, and damp. His wristwatch read 2:30 AM. He knew smoking was bad for his health – it’s written everywhere from books, social media, even the pack of the cigarette he now held in his hand. But what the hell he said to himself, no one ever lives that long. Then something caught his attention. A taxi cab turned the corner and rushed into the hospital emergency lane. Wonder what could be causing the cab’s rush he thought to himself. He instinctively threw away the cigarette and approached the cab with a wheelchair in tow.  A pregnant lady obviously in pain but still trying her best fumbling through her purse to pay off the taxi. “It’s alright lady, don’t worry about it,” the driver assured her passenger.

“Thank you, thank you so much,” she feebly uttered.

He lifted the lady from the cab and put her gently onto the chair while the guard covered her with an umbrella from the battering rain. He then pushed her into Emergency.  “Don’t you have anyone with you Ma’am?, he asked. “No … no, I’m alone,” she answered. He kept his silence respecting her privacy.


She gave birth to a beautiful and healthy son. Together, mother and son enjoyed a happy life. They were a joy to see. An envy to almost everyone in the neighborhood. But sadly,  it was not meant to last. At the age of five, she noticed her son having frequent head pains. She initially just gave her some pain suppressants and the boy would continue with whatever he would be doing, not a care in the world. Her mother would always look forward to coming home and seeing her son doing his homework, watching TV, or playing with a friend. But that late afternoon, it was different. Her son was not in the living room but lying in her room. She rushed forward and noticed he had a fever. “Mommy, it hurts,” he said grasping his head with two tiny hands.

Chen-Xiaotian-9-700x455The son was diagnosed with malignant brain tumor. The doctor told her her son wouldn’t reach adulthood. The news devastated her. He was the only reason for her existence. She digged deep into her heart and forced herself to fight it through. She gave her all. But it wasn’t enough. To make matters worse, she herself was found to be suffering from kidney failure.  She tried her best to care for his son and herself in the weeks and months to come.

Two years passed. In the son’s bed, the doctor approached the mother and gently whispered, “Ma’am, your kidney is failing and  unless you get a transplant soon, you might not outlive your son. With a new kidney possibly from your son, there’s a big chance for  your recovery.”

“No!” the mother cried, “Never!”

The boy had heard everything. He could not see because the disease had pressed against his optic nerve  rendering him blind. But he heard it all.

The inevitable unfortunately came. In his dying breath the boy whispered to his mother, “Mommy, don’t worry, I will save your life”. Then he breathed his last.

On April 2, 2014 the boy died and the kidney was given to her mother. His organs didn’t only save his mother. Two more people had a second life because of his selfless act. His other kidney was donated to a 21-year-old girl and his liver was given to a 27-year-old man.

The following sequence of pictures describes the ordeal of the mother and her son throughout their journey and the utmost respect of the doctors before they conducted the organ transplant.

And the touching video –

Before we close,  I think it is worthwhile to mention that stories of mothers giving their lives for their children is not uncommon. But there are a few such as the story above, where children sacrifice their own lives for their mother.

Unfortunately, there are also times we hear of mothers literally taking the lives of their children and vise-versa.  However, we all understand that such instances were caused by behavior patterns not classified as normal and most probably by external factors such as drugs or worse, by seizures of  mental imbalance owed to a weak personality.

How do you fare dear Eduardo? Definitely your actions cannot be defined as normal. So are you on drugs, mentally imbalanced, simply have a weak personality, or all of the above?

Next Sunday is Father’s Day. I’m sure you will be greeted by all of your children and maybe your wife too.  And who knows, probably a night out for dinner with the family in one of the fine restaurants here in Manila. But maybe you forgot. The term “Father” is always coterminous with “Mother”. Without Ka Tenny you would have no existence, no substance, not even a speck of dust in this vast universe of ours.

And you call yourself the Executive Minister and Caretaker of the true church of God. How pathetic.