aa message from Brother R:

“Happy Friday to all…I have observed and witness so many religions here in the United States, I witness the love and welcoming arms of other Christian religions. Their sermons are about christian values, love, faith, hope, and the Life of Jesus. They preach stories from the Holy Bible. They do not meddle in politics and they do not try to control you. Yes there are small religious cults out there, but I am talking about the major religions, the more established religions of the world. I have observed many, but not one is like this new church called Church of EVM, founded in 2009. This New Generation Church is not just corrupt but down right insulting to the members who grew up in the Pre-2009 Iglesia Ni Cristo…

The EVM Cultists are very cold-hearted, boastful and follow submissively their Locale Ministers to District Ministers that preach hate and anger. Look at their social media websites, look at the OneWithEVM Ministers Facebook pages, you can see their un-christian behavior. Even in their prayers, they pray for evil against other human beings including the expelled INC Members. They glorify a fragile man named EVM more than the founder Jesus Christ himself.

Even during the past EVM Pastoral Visits, you see members are not happy, or they are just pretending to be happy, they would smile, but they are full of fear, always being careful what comes out of their mouths or risk express expulsions, they are suspicious of anyone there, even in the front of the chapel, you see the INC Officers taking pictures of cars driving by, they will take pictures of you for God knows what evil intent they want to do with those pictures, you see men in black suits called SCAN with concealed weapons inside their suits ready to use it or kill in the name of EVM. to protect EVM more than their own life, they will approach you in you look suspicious or if your a non-member, they will question you, those SCAN are not even afraid of the police or law enforcement, then they have their OneWithEVM Ministers, rallying their blind followers to shout and show hate and anger as if they are showing off to EVM so they can get a pay raise, whatever the ministers hype up the members, they really become hyped up…they even physically attacked our innocent fellow defenders in Fremont CA….

I do not blame the OneWithEVM followers for being violent, since they were taught since they were young to follow submissively without question to their leaders. I am pretty sure if EVM preached something that is against the Bible, all teh blind EVM Cult Followers will obey without question, Isn’t this what is happening now… We all witness how EVM disrespects and dishonors his parents especially his Mom and EVM hate his siblings and refuse reconciliation, did any OWE Followers complained? No…That is one of the 10 Comandments that EVM has broken, to honor your Father and Mother, did anyone complained? No… We all witness how EVM allows all followers to wear and worship the EVM Thumbmark Logo and put banners all over the chapels. did any OWE Members spoke out that this is biblical and desecration? No… When EVM had a chance to fix this corruption in regards to the INC Sanggunian… Did any EVM Cult Members raised eyebrows?

fort victoria2NO… What about the church being involved in business for profit, or selling products inside sacred chapel grounds, Did anyone raise their hand? or what about the sermons all about offerings and offerings and money and money and then they expect total submission not to Christ but to EVM, anyone complained? No… Even our beloved late Brother Erano Manalo himself said not to glorify Manalo and don’t mention the word Manalo too much during the worship service sermons, do not make Manalo above God… But did anyone OWE Cult Members say anything? No no no ….But the ones that did spoken up and realized something is wrong, they were aggressively expelled with their families and shunned and that was not the end of it, they continue to terrorize, harass and character assassinate them, They became persecuted and oppressed and our Lord God has witnessed all of this and has chosen them to be the blessed INC DEFENDERS of the Faith…

sanggunian2If Jesus Christ returned right now, Our Lord Jesus would angrily say to the idolatrous EVM Cult Members, …Jesus would say “NOT IN MY CHURCH”…then He would have thrown EVM and his Sanggunian and all the devoted cult followers to the Lake Of Fire to burn for eternity… and the True INC Defenders and the true INC Members that did not follow the EVM Cult and who remained true to the faith, Our Lord God will have them have Eternal Life and have a special place for them… called the glorious Holy City and there, we shall be with our Lord Almighty God and also our Lord Savior Jesus Christ our Church Founder, and also in the Holy City, we will see our true leaders our Last Messenger Brother Felix and our beloved Executive Minister Brother Erdy… We shall see them again and enjoy eternal happiness… Anyways, Happy Friday to All, and God Bless…

Brother R”

And do you remember this article by INCFROM THE EDGE  regarding this INC office building?

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 04.10.09

What has happened to it since then? Read on. As submitted by Brother R –

“A new, three-story development is being considered for a former office building and church in Park Ridge’s South Park community.

Park Ridge-based Skyline Home Investments recently submitted a conceptual plan to the city showing a mixed-use residential/commercial building at the northwest corner of Talcott Road and Courtland Avenue.

According to city documents, preliminary plans call for 16 residential units above 6,400 square feet of commercial space.

The property, located at 600 W. Talcott Road, currently consists of a three-story office building that was most recently home to Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ).”

You may access the complete story here  –