mmy porch office has become rather cramped lately with Goofy, Katy, and two additional staff – DD (Daredevil) and Tisay. Goofy being the most senior is well-behaved and Katy’s okay too. But the two new apprentices need some training on office decorum. Their tiny Wolverine claws penetrate the thickest pants you can wear. They have a tendency to climb on anything that suits their fancy – your legs included. And they don’t stop when they reach your lap but instead continue to climb up your chest, shoulder, and your crowning glory as if climbing up a treasured tree with not a care in the world.  And what do you do? You bear the pain as much as you can because you don’t want your train of thought to be derailed. But when two Wolverines reach the back of your neck … “Sorry guys, you can’t win over En Sabah Nur, I am God!” I reach out and yank the two from my neck and put them down on the floor. Katy watches the whole scenario and welcomes them down to earth.

For a moment there, I just sat down and watched Katy pamper her kits. Once in a while she would play around with them unmindful of them crawling all over her body and at times she would bite into their sides and neck and you would hear a screech coming from the kits. I guess it hurt. Nanggigigil as they say. But like a good mother, she would always care for them, instinctively knowing that without her, her kitten would not survive. And Goofy, where would she be all this time?  She would be making sure that no one would come near her apprentices especially that big black Labrador who usually stops by at a distance and stares at the new members of the household.  Well, once that Labrador attempted to come close, but before he even reached the porch, Katy puffed up and pranced out of the porch in defense of her young kits. The Labrador ran like hell with Katy high on her heels! Nanay nga naman! What would you expect?

hqdefaultMy attention now turned to a show I was watching on CNN Philippines. “Real Talk” hosted by three lovely ladies Christine Jacob-Sandejas, Shamcey Supsup-Lee, and Giselle Sanchez. You can’t help but notice the smooth rapport between the ladies.  The topic touched on Top 10 list of  foods from different restaurants. Well, here are some of the mouth-watering local cuisine tried out by the group from Spot.ph – their guests who conducts impromptu taste tests on different cuisine from restaurants all over the country. They also do 10 Best Lists on other catergories too. You can catch them on http://www.spot.ph/ . Sure envy their job.

The discussion also touched on eats prepared by Fastfood chains and the sorry state of some where consistency could not be maintained probably because of high overhead. I could easily relate to that. I’ve always wondered why each time I go to the Colonel’s, their chicken seem to be getting smaller. Including their mashed potato.  The only consolation is their free unlimited gravy. The single reason why I continue to patronize their chicken. Jollibee?  I think they should replace their ketchup and gravy cups with a bottle cap since it’s almost the same size anyway. And their mushroom soup, while getting smaller each visit, remains too salty to this day. Mcdo? Well, Mcdo is Mcdo and they cater to a certain crowd. Pancake House. While their menu is on the pricey side, their service is excellent. They’ll replace without question any complaints you make on their food.

Everything is about being consistent. That is, if you wish your clients to be continuously satisfied and return to you on their next visit. Same holds true for the Church. (Bet you thought I wouldn’t be able to link the subject to the Church did you? 🙂 ) Is our Church consistent with its teachings from the time of the Sugo and Ka Erdy or has it changed? Let’s check. The only form of dance allowed then were folk dances. Pop dances? It was a no-no. Christian music was solemn. It was never Hip-hop. Raffles, being a form of gambling was discouraged. Now, we accommodate to persuade more participants in the pamamahayag.  Houses of worships were used only for that purpose – worship. No business seminars there. We used to say “Ako’y Iglesia ni Cristo”. Now it’s “One with EVM”. Before we used to shout, “Bwisit ang utang!” Now its “Utang to the max!” And last, before it was “Mahalin mo ang iyong mga magulang, ang unang utos na may pangako” Now, “Mamatay ka man, wala akong paki!”

As Bob Dylan would sing, “Times are a-changing.”

But not for long. Why? Because we’re the good guys and good guys always win.