oour deepest sympathies and condolences from my wife, yours truly, and the whole INCreflections family.

  • William Smith


Recent events at Tandang Sora created such indignation among the kapatiran and those outside of it to an extent of not a few, suggesting measures to “even the score” so to speak. Others stressed to extract the family at all costs.

Our inclination of course went with the sympathizers, be they INC or not. Propriety  simply dictates that they have abused the norms of accepted behavior, compassion, and respect for humanity itself. They have become the scum of the lowest order. Bacteria that needs to be eliminated. A cancer to be isolated. An influence that needs to be crushed. Waste that no longer needs existence in this world. And they have the nerve to call themselves leaders of the true church.

mary graceOur appointment was set at 3 PM. Coming from Makati enroute EDSA posted a little problem. I glanced at the time on the car dashboard which now read 3:10 PM. I was late stuck at the corner of Quezon Blvd. Fortunately traffic smoothened out and I reached Parking at Trinoma by 3:15 PM. I texed him and he was by that time already at Cafe Mary Grace across National Book Store. I easily recognized him (one of a very few personalities who opted to use their real identity in their Facebook account and paid dearly for it). He seemed to be checking out persons around him. When our eyes met, I waved and approached him and offered him my hand in respect, “It’s an honor to meet you, Ka Lito.”

I introduced myself and well, I hope whatever was running inside his mind at that moment didn’t diminish any expectations he may have had for me. The meeting was actually set up by yours truly because I needed to clarify and confirm certain matters I obtained from other sources. The confirmation had to come from the inner circle.

The discussion was an eye-opener. I presumed correct. The man in front of me knew what he was talking about. Brutally frank when it came to matters affecting the Church. Calling a spade a spade, no grey area for him. He answered all my queries clearly as only he could. But like so many of us, there was a soft spot. You could easily discern the love and respect he had for his mother in her late 70s  residing abroad for sometime now. By the way, our Ka Lito is a practicing MD or doctor and conducting seminars throughout the country. By the time this article is out, he should be somewhere in the North.

Now, it  appears there are valid grounds for their continued stay at Tandang Sora. But more important is the spiritual reason why the family refuse to budge from their home – a last wish from their father regarding their property at Tandang Sora. For the meantime, this aspect cannot be expounded. Our locales in Singapore and the Middle East may soon cease to exist as they have already been reported to the authorities. Operating without valid permits. The momentum has started. There is no turning back.  By the way, for those who still believe in  the King and his Knights of the round table, here’s a small revelation that may tickle your senses. Remember that EDSA separation of the Church and State fiasco a few months back? Well, when the crowd appeared to be getting restless with non INCs joining in the protest and the government readying itself for a possible altercation, 3 of the Knights were booked at the City of Dreams in Pasay City and all the rest were at Clark readying themselves out of the country.  Spineless shits leaving the innocent brethren at the mercy of the lions.

Our talks would have gone longer if Dr. Lito did not have a previous commitment. I expressed my thanks for giving this author his valued time and company. I shall treasure his friendship and wisdom.