Helen Keller was asked, “What would be worse than being born blind?”  She replied, “To have sight without vision”

May 13, 2016

Dear Eduardo V. Manalo:

I write to you with a heavy heart. Have you ever experienced pain? In the literal sense? Have you ever experienced your gut being cut open and surviving to remind you every time you look down and see that scar running down the length of your abdomen that such a thing as karma exists in this world? Have you witnessed a 4 inch concrete nail plummeted slowly into the forehead of a good for nothing dirtbag and saw the reaction on his face? Well, the human brain gets confused and his left and right eyeballs loses synchronization. Nor does he sense the need to cry out in pain. For him it’s just death but he just doesn’t know it yet.

Have you ever seen the reaction of scumbags stripped naked and locked inside a container van for several hours and when you finally open the doors they simply refuse to get out and clutches at anything for dear life? They fear the anticipated execution. They fear death.

mandirigmaNow I hear you are forming a group called “INC Defenders – Mandirigma”. A set of prim and clean-cut group of young ministers donning black T-shirts with the emblem of an eagle displayed in the center. What are you proposing? War? On who? It can’t be the Catholics or Protestants because you need them in your so-called intensive propagations. So who are your targets? Us?

A program of warning and oppression to instill fear in its dwindling membership? Led by your so-called ministers who have never felt the ooze of blood dripping from a degenerate’s side and leave that part to hired slobs who have so far proven your ineptness in choosing the right person for the right job.  Take the case of Lowell Menorca. The most recent being the cha-cha dance of your arresting officers and Menorca. How pathetic can you get. If you had hired me instead, Menorca would be history by now. Unfortunately for you, he is a respected and good friend. And I also believe that God exists.

I have done my share of bad things not even my wife knows about and I have paid dearly for it.  My mother succumbed for unknown reasons at the age of 50. My father died in my arms while taking routine x-rays at the age of 63. Both my children were given 50-50 chance of survival due to my blood irregularity causing incompatibility issues with those of my wife. God must have had His reasons and in some small way still saw some good in me. My children have grown up to be wonderful and healthy kids any parent would be proud of.

One of my constituents now is suffering from kidney failure and undergoing dialysis. He also lost one eye to tumor and is a survivor of a recent stroke. During our prime, he was one of the most feared individuals this side of “implementing justice”. Whatever you do in this world, there are consequences. Better believe it. And to think our wrongs were committed on fellow human beings. How much worse can it get if you had wronged God Himself. You better start meditating on it.

Like I said, I am now retired but I am still in control of my faculties and can easily dissect your elementary moves. Trying your best to control the situation, to force out in the open all of the so called defenders and eliminate them. Identifying in the same manner who continue to remain your ever loyal ass-licking ministers and destroying those who do not meet your standards, whatever that is. Did you even consider for one moment the possibility that these spineless ministers would change heart once they feel that their luck is running out? Take the case of Arnel Tumanan. He’s one guy I wouldn’t think twice driving a nail through that thick skull of his. And just because he’s licked your ass countless times, you take him into your wings. How lame can anyone get? Well the saying goes, “stupidity is contagious” and where that comes from, you both have plenty.

By the way, have you even read your history lately? Why did the Americans lose the Vietnam war despite being much superior and advanced in warfare? They lost because they were against a race of people deeply motivated fighting at home to unite their country. You can never win a fight against heart.

Now, when you hear criticisms by third parties against your administration you direct innocent  SCAN members to file law suits against them. Why don’t you have the balls to do it yourself and take responsibility for your actions. Why the cloak and dagger method you know nothing about. Why put to risk the quiet innocent lives of these SCAN members who know nothing better than to play pulis-pulisan on their Racal bikes but mostly are just jobless or regular minimum wage earners just needing attention and pansin.

In a world of checks and balances do you really think you can get away with doing wrong? A glass of dirty water poured daily in a clean lake may not be noticeable immediately but after a few months the change occurs. It’s the circle of life. Earth warming did not happen overnight. Everything is about balance. Do one thing, there is always an opposite reaction – good or bad. Law of Nature.

You do not have an exclusive right to playing dirty. So don’t push it. Particularly where family is concerned. No one likes to be pushed. The most difficult viruses to break are those that have not yet been identified, and that is all it will take to bring down an empire such as yours.  In fact, I’m sure you and your knights already know the Waterloo you yourself created and its only a matter of time before it crumbles to the ground and all of you minister like cockroaches start to scatter around gasping for survival. That is the time I would relish squishing the life out of all of you with these boots of mine.

And I would like to remind you, I am not alone.


William Smith