aas I am about to make a right turn at greenfields  near my home, I can’t help but notice a couple arguing over some puppies being breastfed by its pitbull mother.

1b3337262237effae574858285e1ff32“Kunin mo na si Spot, ilipat mo si Grace, payat na payat na, hindi siya nakakadede!” stressed the woman.

“Nangangagat si Delilah, mahirap galawin ang mga anak niya!” replied the other.

“Hindi kakagat yan, kilala tayo non!”

“Di ikaw ang maglipat!”

All the while Delilah just stared at her pups glancing once in a while at her owners unmindful of what they were arguing about.

So the woman moved in to transfer one of Delilah’s pups.

But as soon as the woman approached Delilah, her quiet soulful eyes turned to caution and a quiet but determined snarl started to form and envelop her body.

The woman immediately retracted upon sensing Delilah’s reaction towards her.

“Instinct of a mother.” I whispered to myself. Such is a mother. I then slowly stepped on the gas and proceeded to my place and parked the car near our porch. As usual Katy sat so elegantly on a stump of cut langka tree unmindful of my arrival while Goofy barked her head off as if informing the whole neighborhood that her boss was here.

I stretched a little before walking to the front door. (That’s what seniors do. Our legs have this bad habit of refusing to budge unless patted and assured that they are still part of this body of ours.)

By this time Katy was already beside me and acknowledging that I was duly noticed. Goofy on the other hand, I picked her up on my way in and as usual she smothered me with her drooling smacks and kisses.

“How was your day?” my wife softly touching my cheeks asked. She would always greet me me that way probably unknowingly too. We’ve been married for forty years and have had our ups and downs. We have grown old together and as I stare at her I am reminded of a time when a young attractive girl in her early twenties had asked me how to make the right choice in choosing the right mate for her. Whenever anyone asks me that question I only have one answer.

“Honestly ask yourself, will you be able to withstand the look of his/her face every waking day for the rest of your life, minus the make-up, the perfume, the sex, and plus the bad breath, the fart, the body odor?  If your answer is yes, I guess that’s a start.”

Goofy barked and barked at her strongly detesting any queries addressed to her boss. My wife easily irritated butt in, “Hoy, kabit ka lang! Ang bait-bait mo kanina, ngayon dumating lang kalaguyo mo, tapang-tapang mo! balimbing! Dapat itawag sa yo “Arny” (from Arnel Tumanan).

20160419_210001bWe all had dinner together. My wife and I, Goofy and Katy, but not on the same table of course. Then I went to my office in the porch and sat down in my easy chair with Katy on my lap and Goofy on my arm. By the way, I forgot to mention that Katy was pregnant and expecting her litter any day now. Once so poised and elegant, now she appeared a little too relaxed. Her appetite had increased too.

In our humble little abode, you can easily discern that love exists. And this is what makes life comfortable. Knowing that each one is appreciated and looked after. Give and take as they say. The principle of balance. Karma. You reap what you sow. I ponder on the direction of the Church now.  Sherlock and AE have now come out with revelations enough to stagger the imagination.  The outcome?  One thing is definite. It will strengthen the resolve of the committed. The weak will feel betrayed. The innocent will stray. Their church will fall. Christ’s Church will rise.