Why so serious? Let’s lighten up the air a little 🙂

BurnhamParkBaguio02I recently visited Baguio with good friends Will and Jess. Our kind host Prof. Jose of UP Baguio booked us up in a hotel across Burnham Park. We enjoyed the cool night air when we arrived and took a short walk around the park before deciding to retire for the night. Jess asked the front desk what time breakfast would be served. The male receptionist trying hard to please immediately answered, “In the morning Sir!” We looked at each other with a smile and just disregarded the response with a reply of our own, “Ok, see you for breakfast, in the morning.”

We must have overslept. The next morning or rather near lunch, we went down after a warm shower and proceeded to the cafe for breakfast. The waiter promptly showed us the menu and all of us chose hotcakes with coffee. While waiting we made some small talk and suddenly noticed our waiter returning to our table.

“Sorry sir, wala na po hotcakes.”

“Ah, Ok, let’s check that menu again,” quipped Jess and after a few seconds, “I’ll have bacon and eggs with toast on the side.”

“Same for all of us,” I added.

The waiter left and after a few minutes he approached us again. “Sorry sir, we’re out of that too.”

Understandably irritated, my friend advised the waiter, “Ok then, ikaw na mamili. What do you serve for breakfast here in the morning?”

The waiter looking very pale now browsed through the menu and satisfyingly informed us, “Ito po, lahat nito, meron sir.”

I instictively stood up and looked at what he was pointing at in the menu and noticed that all were noodles, siopao, siomai, duckling, etc. Disgusted, I uttered, “Puro chinese yan eh!”

Want to know what the waiter answered to my response? He said in a meek but conspicuous voice, “Sir, pwede naman kainin ng filipino yan.”

Wow, its really more fun in the Philippines!

Back to reality. We have been so affected by the 3-story high walls built around 36 Tandang Sora and the inhumane treatment of the family that we seemed to have overlooked one minor fact. Have you ever asked yourself what lies on the other side of those many high fences far exceeding the walls of Bin Laden’s fort? Maybe it was not just to seclude and isolate the family.

Frankly, I just stumbled on this while looking for an alternative route to San Mateo on You can look it up yourself.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe that supposed multi-million peso mansion is not located in one of the plush subdivisions in Makati but right there in the middle of Central compound. See for yourself.


When was this built? Definitely, it was not there before 2010. Here are in chronological order the images shown according to year (bottom right) as reflected in and google earth.

By the way there’s another property below that mansion but can’t quite make it out. Maybe you can 😉


Come on dear friends, life is short as it is. Don’t tell me you haven’t watched Batman vs Superman yet!  Enjoyed Kung-Fu Panda 3 too, but the two previous ones were much better.  Take care.