update3This just recently came in – a  video link from a friend of one reader. The title of the video is “More afraid of the Church than afraid of Christ.” A testimony of one Yvette Espiritu, who is now a member of the Christ’s Commission Fellowship. Hear  what happens when love is no longer felt inside the Church.


T2 (2)hough Church administration has constantly denied financial irregularities or crisis affecting the church, I for one simply use common sense in determining the truth or fallacy of it. Documents or more appropriately known as “evidence” are papers in which the results of the five senses are reflected upon. That is, if you are true to yourself and honest enough to do so.

The Administration has used all forms of media including the pulpit in denying corruption and financial strain. In other words, if we are to go by their assertions, they are simply stating  that everything is alright and there is nothing to worry about.  If that is the case, why is the trend in Church affairs so stressed on financial offerings with evangelical propagation and chapel construction used as an excuse?

12654215_182965082067342_7747269566925095936_n.jpgLike this “Worldwide Intensive Propagation.” Do we really need that much to implement this program? When have  we ever asked for offerings for an evangelical mission? Chapel constructions? The boast on thousands built? Come on, wake up. Take a lazy ride along Metro Manila and check out for yourself the state of our chapels. Start from Central Avenue and confirm for yourself the half-built but inaugurated buildings that has yet seen the light of operations like the New Era glass hospital. The EVM Convention Center. And check out also the roof of the Central Temple. You’ll see some scaffoldings suggesting repair going on. Yes, the word is “suggesting” because no actual repairs have been going on. Ano ito, lokohan?

Sige, himayin natin. “Worldwide Intensive Propagation.” The only role the administration will play here is awareness, nothing more. The actual implementation and ground work will always be at the local level, the grassroots so to speak. Each locale will be assigned a “quota” to fulfill. Which in turn will be passed on to the Officers of the locale. The burden will be on the Pamunuan, Pangulo ng Purok and the Diacono’t Diaconesa. When I say burden, the obligation to pay fare for their guests, give them goodies, and assuring they attend the church service every Thursday and Sunday including their abuloys. Do you really think the “Worldwide Intensive Propagation” program will take care of it? And of course, salaysay if they do not meet the demands of the higher-ups.  What’s the term our olds use to say? “Ginigisa sa sariling mantika.”

slide_3.jpgLearn to look at the bigger picture. What is happening is mere diversion. Just an old magic technique. Divert the audience attention to the left hand so that they won’t see what you are doing with your right. The Administration does not need another Evangelical Mission, what it needs are finances and how do you do this without arousing suspicion? Make it appear that everything you do is related to serving God so that its followers will oblige without question.

Retrospecting, we had been doing quite well until we ventured into the Philippine Arena and all the other sorties out there in Ciudad de Victoria. I can’t help but ask myself sometimes, the cost of Ciudad de Victoria, how many beautiful and wonderful Houses of Worship would it have produced? How proud would it have been for us and God Himself. It should have been the pinnacle of the Church on its glorious Centennial.

arenaActually the original plan (you can confirm this with Ka Dan Orosa, former District head of Quezon City and all Pamunuans of Quezon City) was that before the Centennial or 2014, all evangelical missions were to last only up to 2014 – the reason for the “double the serial number” thrust that time. And 2014 itself would be the start of merriment for the whole church, no missions only celebration climaxing on July 27, 2014 with free board and lodging for all members of the Church at Ciudad de Victoria. That’s the reason if you still remember, the first (in a series) offering we made for the Centennial celebration. After which, we would be concentrating on caring for the members of the Church in preparation for the second coming of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Well, that was the plan until good old Lucifer after a long sleep, stretched out his arms, yawned and stared intently at his new set of disciples starting from their king and welcomed them into his fold. And how did he manage to do it? Well, read on. The blueprint is the same.