Dearest Aela Faith, no one and I mean no one, could have said it better. Take care.

  • William

“With some time to kill while traveling, I am pondering on this, and I could not agree more:

“I have always maintained that once a writer merely writes to please, this is where his identity, independence, and credibility ends.” – Bro. William Smith Increflections

Some “ministers” who were gifted with writing prowess use it nowadays to expound on lies, deceit, false accusations, slander and lambast people who they deem their enemy, leading the brethren in a crusade of hatred and bigotry.

I am not a professional, but it has always been my belief that true writers write with their hearts. Whatever a person writes reflects his heart and soul, his personality, his moral ground. As for me, writing is my freedom- to say what I want to say (within thoughtful boundaries) to give the readers a peek into my innermost thoughts, to inform (with integrity), and to put forth a message that will inspire and help people understand.

None of these I see in these said ministers. All I see are futile attempts to discredit people who aren’t even able to defend themselves. I see arrogance and self-righteousness. I see ridiculous conclusions without confirmed proofs and facts. I see assertions of loyalty not to the Church or its flock, but to only one man who they try so hard to please. I see hearts so cold and dark they are unable to exude true sincerity.

Some of these writers I knew and respected not too long ago. If they are writing what they are writing because they “have to”, then indeed they have lost their identity and integrity, not just to their readers, but most importantly to themselves. As ministers, they have lost so much more. Perhaps even their souls.”

  • Aela Faith