facebookr3ecently I joined the millions of accounts on Facebook and in the process gained many good friends. Well, I also earned the ire of some. Actually, it was  my second attempt to gain presence on Facebook. The first was a disaster. After a few days, Facebook requested confirmation on my identity and challenged me to identify random-picked portraits of friends. Remember they’re talking to a senior and asking me to confirm by name several persons picked from a lot of around no less than 300 or 500 new-found friends.  So to cut short a long story, I asked my secretary Ms. Goofy her opinion on the matter.  She looked at me and made a dirty finger (paw) at my pc.  So as suggested, there went my first Facebook account.

So, I’m here again on Facebook but if this thing occurs again, I guess dear friends you’ll have to bear with me here exclusively.

Now, back to the topic. Is Facebook a good thing?  People, friends, loved ones communicating at a dime’s notice. Exchanging pictures all in the name of fun. Greeting birthdays, anniversaries, and parties, and what have you.  Selfies here, selfies there. Without Facebook or Instagram do you really think those selfie sticks would sell? Just think how ridiculous you’d look a few years back taking a picture with a stick?!

Patintero-Kids-Play-modifiedBut as they say, times have changed. We have changed. I’m one of the old school where I cherish the good old times when children played in the streets, when Fridays were looked forward to so we could stay out in the streets longer playing with our neighbors’ kids. Patentero was the name of the game to beat those days.

Remember how Manila looked during those times?

And how about those old TV shows before the “Walking Dead”?

Corny? Of course they are when compared to what you see on TV today. The same thing your kids will say to you and your “Walking Dead” when you reach your senior years 😉 .

The 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s were our years.  How was our Church faring then? There were no banners of the current Executive Minister subtly displayed in every endeavor of the Church but instead was the “Ako’y Iglesia ni Cristo” sign prominent in almost all homes of the brethren. There were no names of “Felix Y. Manalo” or “Erano G. Manalo” on those streamers during biblical rallies but only the name of the Iglesia ni Cristo and the Church of Christ. Such were the good old days…

We have come a long way in so short a time.  The following are Church “evolutions” which I never witnessed during my time and no amount of self-convincing can I come to justify; so, here is the list of current Church mutations which I DESPISE:

  1. Christian music using Hip-hop language;
  2. The Tabernacle being used as a modern dancing venue;
  3. The Church’s Philippine Arena;
  4. The Church selling properties;
  5. Giving goodies in exchange for listening to evangelical missions;
  6. Praising a person’s name in prayers unless it is “Jesus Christ”;
  7. Expulsions with Radel Cortez’s name on it;
  8. Jun Santos and family’s many foundations;
  9. The Lingap envelope;
  10. The box in front of the worship service entrance to collect offerings;
  11. The OWE pin and what it represents;
  12. Local offerings diverted to national funds;
  13. The tarps of EVM on every INC edifice;
  14. The treatment of EGM’s family;
  15. EVM’s too frequent travels abroad;
  16. Hearing EVM’s name in every worship prayer;
  17. The ACTIV and STF group;
  18. Ordaining inexperienced Ministers;
  19. Twisting biblical passages; and
  20. The frequent WEBEX presentations.

I’m sure there are more to the list but this will do for the time being.  So, is Facebook a good thing or not?  Is owning a gun, good or bad? Is fighting, good or bad? Was the past better than it is now?  Every question of this sort boils down to one answer. It depends on which side of the fence you are standing in.  And if you ask me, I am quite satisfied with where I stand.

news&updates (1)

Before I close here is a follow-up to the abandoned projects at Central Avenue. No change so far except for the chapel project in Parola where apparently construction has started again. And as for the Central Temple’s roof, repairs have also been initiated. The new Fairview locale is said to be scheduled next for construction.  So, I guess constant ribbing do produce results 😉 .

Unfortunately however, 36 Tandang Sora’s condition sadly remains the same.