update3 This just came in, an unedited video sequence of a brethren who was expelled for no apparent reason on March 17, 2016, NJ.  Immediately after the worship service she walked directly up to the chancel (tribuna) and confronted the minister who officiated the service. What happened next can clearly be seen  –


Capturebw4hile relatively skimming across the net, I bumped into an article on Scenic, Dakota where the Resident Minister there is no less than our frontline debater  Bro. Joe Ventilacion.  It appears he has been there since last year and holds office together with the Caretaker/Deacon Fred White, his wife Deaconess Rosalina White and son Fred White, Jr. at the Scenic Community Hall.  The members according to the article have risen from 10 to 15 (no error here, you heard it right that’s “ten” and “fifteen.”)  Well, that’s expected from a community that supports less than 100 inhabitants. (A side thought I can’t resist saying – Mahirap mag-abuloy ng 1 dollar doon. Halatang halata. I remember a time when a co PD had hit hard times and couldn’t “afford” a 100 peso abuloy [‘standard’ for PDs sa tribuna]. So what he did was after likumin ang nakaupo sa tribuna he would proceed to the first pew and collect also the offerings of brethren seated in the first pew. So when we would count the offerings ng supot sa tribuna sa bilangan, hindi nga mahahalata kung magkano inabuloy niya. Nice touch don’t you think 😉 ) Well, like I said, I couldn’t resist telling that story. Here are some nice pictures from Scenic, Dakota and their House of Worship. Really, I wouldn’t mind settling there, it looks peaceful, no pollution, and quiet.

That being said, here’s what I came across. Quite interesting piece of reading, if I may say so.  What do you think?


Before continuing, what is LoopNet anyway?

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Now let us continue. Here are rest of the postings from LoopNet.

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