The_Last_Supper_nameplates_01march, so it appears for us  is the month of the Holy Supper, “Banal na Hapunan,” or “Sta. Cena.” It is an event characterized by so much preparation.  From the “panata” to the “pagdadalaw, pag-aayos ng mga kaso,” and so forth.  It is the belief that anyone who partakes of the Holy Supper should be worthy and no hindrances should exist to prevent God from making His presence felt during the solemn worship service. Thus,  ministers and officers designated to lead the Holy Supper are carefully selected to ascertain the sacredness of the role assigned to them. Or so it seems …

016kThe hilltop at dawn is always a very beautiful place to be, overlooking the quiet neighborhood just starting to awaken. The night sky and the stars slowly fading away as the glimmering sun calmly pushes its presence across the distant horizon.  A cool breeze brush your shoulders as you stare at Goofy and Katy trying to keep snugly in place.  They must be wondering why I must always come here when their porch is the most comfortable place to be.  We walked down and jogged a few paces before reaching home.  Both were breathing heavily especially Goofy who had shorter legs.  They rushed to their bowl of H2O. I stared at them both. So innocent, so naive, so dependent. Goofy would not touch food served by anyone else but me.  I remember the time I had to go to Aurora province for a few days. The food bowl had to be filled without Goofy knowing who had put it there. That was the only way she would touch her food thinking I left it there for her. It was “TRUST.” She had faith in me to such an extent that she distrusted others to serve her food.

The organizational set-up of the Iglesia ni Cristo is in a sense a Theocracy or Ecclesiocracy meaning, it is a”government of a state by immediate divine guidance or by officials who are regarded as divinely guided. Or as the The Oxford English Dictionary would define “A form of government in which God (or a deity) is recognized as the king or immediate ruler, and his laws are taken as the statute-book of the kingdom, these laws being usually administered by .. his ministers.., claiming a divine commission; ..”

dictatorshipThus, this same claim is used by our administration in implementing all of its functions including the officiating of our Sta Cena which was actually based on the Last Supper of Christ and continued thereafter by the apostles.  All Christianity have their own versions of the Holy Supper, us included.  The only difference is we claim sole authority.

As we all know Judas Iscariot was one of the original 12 apostles but lost face when he betrayed Christ for 30 silver coins. He was also designated Treasurer and had been stealing for 3 and a half years from the treasury at the time. (Ironically, others claim that Judas did Christ a favor because without him the setting in motion of the events that led to Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection would not have taken place. Interesting ..)

With the axe of credibility hanging precariously above its head, the INC now needs to ask itself, “Does God and Christ still acknowledge our Holy Supper?” Is the TRUST still there, or putting it bluntly:

“Kung si Hudas Iscariote and mangangasiwa ng Sta. Cena, tatanggap ka ba?”

(Ironically too, if Ka Jun Santos shares limelight with Judas Iscariot as “Treasurer” of the Church, will his fortune be identical with Judas in also restoring the Church to its former glory, unblemished and pristine? Nagtatanong lang po …)