“Do you not know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple. (1 Corinthians 3:16-17 ESV )”

Throughout the world and times, the temple has been described as the house of God.  It has similar implications to the Cathedral of the Catholics and other imposing structures dedicated to the supreme Creator which we address as God. We have our own Templo built to show the world how a “local” religion in a short span of 100 years was able to withstand two world wars, a revolution, and persecution from all sides to emerge as the fastest growing religion in the Philippines.

The edifice symbolizes that God dwells in us and any desecration therein means the desecration of that which is holy. For God’s temple is holy, and you are that temple. If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy him.”

Let’s all be guided accordingly.

This email just came in.  It tugs at your heartstrings like the questioning eyes of the young pleading for answers that seemingly cannot be satisfied.

  • William

“Hello Bro William,

I am sending this on behalf of another brethren in hopes that you might feature it in one of your articles.

God bless! And thank you for playing your role in all of this.



It is undeniably felt and perceived how the present Church Administration transformed in its way of taking care of the flock in this present day. The brethren is crying out for righteousness, longing for the true regard and waiting for questions unanswered with true integrity and honesty. We have been taught from the very beginning to rely to our Almighty God, obey His teachings and follow our Lord Jesus Christ. We were also taught to remember the Messenger, obey our leaders, submit and unite with the administration and hold on to our election.

That said, we will never question about God, our Lord Jesus Christ, the fulfillment of the Messenger and our election. Yet, what has become of the present Church Administration? What has become of our leaders? What has become to some of our brethren?

Everything that has happened before the Church in this present day has brought a clout in the hearts and minds of the brethren. The cries and pleading you hear now in the worship services resounds a different tone asking for God’s divine intervention.

The teachings of our Lord God and the sole Bible in which we rely our faith and lives with has become an instrument to battle our so-called enemies in the faith and them also using the bible to counter our beliefs. Brethren are also noticing how the verses are used now in the worship services in different context as they were used in the past. Sadly, it is sending out a message of misperception as it has always been taught to us that the Bible doesn’t contradict.

Is the Administration failing us? Are they really on our side and is for the best of our interest? Are they rallying as good examples? Are they really answering our questions or just running away to hide their wrongful ways and deceiving us?

No evidence they say to prove their wrong doings. Aren’t they denying the clear evidences and avoiding to answer them with their presumptuous words?
They say, let us fight for our faith. Are they fighting for our faith?


Lead us in a way to live like Christians. To live in the favor of our Lord God and to follow in the steps of our Lord Jesus Christ. Help us to become strong in our faith. Help us to become humble and live in accordance to God’s will. Do not allow us to become proud and prejudiced. Do not allow us to hate. Teach us to utter subtle words. Teach us how to love. Teach us to be kind and teach us to give willingly from our hearts.

Do not be rash with your decisions and think carefully for the welfare of us, the brethren. Please use our offerings wisely and consider its usage “for the Glory of God.”

Be strong and be our inspiration. You are in our prayers. No other proof, signs, or banners should state that because we were always taught be in unity with you. Please do not tolerate the excessive reverence to your name by the brethren but for our Lord God and Jesus Christ.

Uplift us and become our strong pillar. Lead us with sincere heart and shelter us. Be our role model.
Instead, make us smile! BE ONE WITH US!

-Member in Distress