email-personaliseThis is a letter I received from Bro. R. an INC Defender. Though his perceptions put in writing is rather lengthy, the message which he wishes to impart is almost that of “pleading”. So personal, so real, that you can almost literally grasp his thoughts.  He sent the same letter twice before sending the final one with an explanation. Anyone who reads this with an open mind but most important of all, with an open heart will truly understand the hurt the writer feels and the wishes he has for our beloved Church.

  • William

(Please ignore last message, i have revised it because I am not educated and i make alot of mistakes and spelling errors, the next message is the revised.)

…A Special Message to the millions of INC Active Members that give glory to EVM, the few but chosen blessed INC Defenders and the thousands Silent Supporters of the Faith…

I am writing you this special letter out of the bottom my heart. I am just a regular INC Defender, I am not part of the INC Defenders Leadership nor do I even have the experience or intelligence to be an instrument with such a large responsibilities of exposé’s that have popular blogs with a large following. Many in the INC Defenders Leadership have expertise and already had high church offices and were very active officers and brethren before they were expelled.

So the INC Defenders are blessed to have a strong good leadership in their presence. As for me, I was just a regular INC Member, a Handog, that attended regularly and noticed the many changes throughout the years, and thats when I became awake, I noticed many things the church has never done before, I myself felt saddened and I had to speak out from my own, during that time, there was no video of Ka Tenny and Ka Angel yet, there was no INC Defenders Organization yet. There was a few express expulsion but not in a massive scale that gained a lot of attention.

404060_458304424210150_1779725530_nEver since that passing of our beloved Ka Erano, after 2004 when the whole church took on a different direction. I thought It was just me being stubborn and naïve and couldn’t accept these changes in the church, because during the time of Bro. Erano, the church was rising like the sun, we were triumphant, Though many mocked us as a whole and the ones that didn’t respect the church before, now give it great respect later. Some were news media, politicians, others were rival religious groups, in the beginning they mocked the church, they persecuted us, but they were proven wrong, In the past, yes there were even small problems within the church itself, but our Bro. Erano dealt with it quick but in a passive and Christian way.

He wanted to understand the problem so he can solve it with God’s guidance. He knew to deal with it now before the problems get worst. You can feel the heart of our Ka Erdy, in his sermons, the way he preached, the brethren felt him. During the sermons, look how the worship service was filled with the Holy Spirit, even the choir members all have tears of joy in their eyes while they sing. And when the head deacon prayed, his tears and cries are real. Even the monetary offerings were given joyfully and of course voluntary in the bottom of their hearts. Our 75th Diamond Jubilee of the church was so beautiful, the whole Philippines paused and watched in awe the glorious church.

That was the church I grew up in. But what made me who I am now? Sad to say dear brethren, it is different now. Those of you who are still Active INC Members, please ask yourself, is the church the same now? Please do not lie to yourself. Do not pretend everything is still normal. I ask you dear Brethren, use your heart and mind and ask yourself, did you not also grow up in the church like me, During the time of Ka Edry, when was the last time you heard highly respectable INC Ministers maligning, degrading and judging people that were formerly worshipping with you during services, especially the expressed expelled members, most of these expelled members were INC Officers, Ministers, Deacons, Deaconesses, Officers and many held many offices in the church and gave their life for the church just like every brethren would do. Did you see this during the days of Ka Erdy?

Then there are regular members like me, who sit next to you during worship service, who sit with you and to partake the Holy Supper, Annual Thanksgiving, church activities… was I not with you during Grand Evangelical Missions, INC Givings, Bible Studies, and church parties, maybe you do not know me personally. But I myself represent all the regular INC Defenders you knew, who were also regular INC Members that were victims of this corrupt un-biblical express expulsion. When was the last time you read the Facebook pages of INC Ministers and their unchristian behavior? Look how the present INC Ministers behave online? Also We were taught to love and respect our parents and to love them unconditionally since they were the ones who sacrifice to raise us and nurture us to become who we are now, our Bro. EVM what example have you just shown us and to our own children that we are raising.

You cannot even reconcile with your own family, I thought expulsion was a last resort for that is the salvation and soul of that person that our Lord Jesus Christ died for. …Yes, Obedience is Thicker than Blood, so you unfairly expelled your mother and family members due to a YouTube video, and also many brethren around the globe that questions your decisions or put LIKE on Facebook. But ask yourself, Bro. EVM, did that solve the problem of the church or did it make the problem worst.

Did you not ask yourself why so many have questioned and why some brave INC Ministers stepped down because of how they felt in their hearts? Did you ask yourself as a leader of God’s Church that sweeping problems under the rug or avoiding the obvious allegations and accusations will make the problems go away? Why couldn’t you answer them when the problem was still small? During the Worship Services, You allow the INC Ministers to use the podium to pray to God for the destruction of the INC Defenders, You may pray for the death of the Defenders, but with so much hatred in your prayers, I can tell you right now, as what we were taught since CWS and our Baptism to the Church, Our Lord God will not grant any prayer request, that consist of harm to another brethren, even against a non-brethren, any prayer to God with a hard heart or evil intentions including harm or murder is an abomination to God and sad to say, there are INC Ministers still praying like this until now while the blind congregation is behind them saying opo opo, for it seems you hate the Defenders more than Satan and evil himself.

I cannot answer how angry God has become watching his children acting like bad children, but God will look at the INC Leadership and soon when the God’s spanking of his children will come, it will not just be an big ouch. There is still time for repentance, there is still time for change. I believe in hope. But it is up to the individual INC Member to do what is right for we ourselves pay for our own sins… If you feel your own resident INC Ministers preaching what is not taught in the bible and his heart is not pure, all you can do is to pray for them, as many Silent Defenders are doing, but as an individual, please do not hate, be part of, or attack anyone, including the INC Defenders that are doing their best for the love of the church.

12ae9-anti_religion_eleventh_commandment_designI guarantee you, you are doing it for EVM to make him smile, but our Lord God is not smiling, most if not all the INC Defenders did not want to be expelled in the first place, and all are shunned and not allowed to return back to worship God in his Holy Sanctuary. Many INC Defenders like me, are just like any other regular INC Members and many of us are Handog or born into the church, most still have family members that are still in the church, and we pray for them too. All the INC Defenders are still pure INC in their hearts and what we are fighting for is the many un-Christian changes in the church that happened after the death of Ka Erdy. Let me put it this way, the most vocal INC Defenders as of now, have a good memory, they remember very much how the church was during the time of Ka Erdy, and they feel if they do not stand up or be vocal about the corruption and changes in the Church, they have failed God, that is the same for a regular INC Members to follow submissively to EVM, that they feel if they don’t submit to EVM, they fail God also… and that is where the church became Church of EVM, But you must ask yourself, what does God want from us?

In the bible. It says Love One Another, especially those that were wrongfully expelled and are now presently INC Defenders like me, I hate to break it to you dear INC Brethren in EVM Chruch, but these wrongfully expelled Ministers, Members, Defenders and also the Silent Members are still and always your Brothers and Sisters in the faith. No Matter how many times EVM and your INC Ministers say otherwise, they say we are no longer brethren, really, Are the INC Ministers perfect and always right, or are they just following what to preach in their curriculums, that came from the INC Leadership that already been controlled by evil entities. Our Lord God knows everthing, about the INC Sangunnian, about the strange behavior of EVM, about this corrupt and unjustified express expulsion.

The Express Expulsion was created by the INC Sangunnian to create fear to others that dares question the power and authority of the Sangunnian and the express expulsion was also created to cause force submission and they used a few hundred brethren as example to what happens if you do not submit. Read the story of North Korea for a better picture. This has never happened during the time of Ka Felix and Ka Erdy, at that time there was a policy and protocol for expulsion, and Expulsion was based of the gravity of the sin committed, of course it was also has to be a last resort, I heard stories during the time of Ka Erdy, that when he signs off many expulsion paper recommendation, Ka Erdy usually get a second opinion or at least he would question the expulsion itself if it was proper to expel this brother or sister, and sadly when he did sign it, he would actually have tears in his eyes knowing this individual will not be saved comes Judgment Day and he felt he failed this brethren.

That is a true leader with a heart. And it doesn’t end there, The congregational brethren will still encourage the expelled to continue to worship in another Locale that will not offend anyone in the congregation and to continue to save your Katibayan as proof you are repentant and still want to return, then with God’s grace and mercy, that expelled member return, be forgiven and become even a stronger member that before. That was during the time of Ka Erdy. Now I ask you dear Brethren, do you still consider us Brothers and Sisters.? If you can honestly say yes, please I beg of you not to participate in this hatred and character assassination campaign that is being condoned by the INC Sangunnain and also the INC Ministers that are blindly campaigning it.

The INC Defenders will never never tell you to stop attending the worship services. We INC Defenders, if we are allowed to attend still the worship Service, I know most of us all will attend in a flash. That is why the EGM Weekly Group Meeting was formed. Though it is not a Worship Service like what we are use to our whole lives, there is still a officiating minister giving a sermon for our spiritual well being, there is singing of hymns because of the solemnity and holiness and we consider this a special EGM gathering for our Lord God. Since we are forbidden to worship inside the INC Chapel due to our expulsion, this is our way to prove to God we are always going to be Active INC Members whether we are victims of the unchristian Express Expulsion or not.

Did you not know, it is not just the expelled members and the INC Defenders that attend our EGM gatherings, it is also the thousands of Silent Defenders, these are active INC Members, also the ranks of Ministers and Officers in the Church together with regular Active INC Members that attend EGMs. That is why during the meet and greet portion, we encourage all the INC Members that are not expelled, we encourage them to move to a different part of the room, where they cannot be seen, I attended myself some EGM’s here in California, where the rented hall is fully packed during the live EGMs. Then when the Meet and Greet part starts, after our Minister says, Kapatid, those of you who are not expelled, please always protect yourself, please go to the assigned privacy area of the room, then when I turn around myself to see who left, half of the congregation here were already at the assigned privacy area.

Then I would give a thumbs up to my beloved brethren who risk themselves to attend with us, I ask all of you Active INC Members around the world, did your INC Minister forbid you to attend our EGM gatherings? Did they tell you and lied to you that our Ministers preach hate, that we Defenders are criminals and demons, fallen angels, or whatever they say to malign us, to degrade ur fellow brethren who were unjustly expelled, Ask yourself, why do they need to force you, what is it so much they prevent you to know what we know, If we truly believe the INC is not the true church then wouldn’t we Defenders, the hundreds of us INC Defenders would have abandoned the cause already and start our own church?, or just abandon everything and join Catholics or Protestants, Born Again or ADD or any religion so we can just move on? Yes? No, the answer is No, we are still INC Members whether your cold hearted INC Ministers instill in this in your minds.

It seems some INC Defenders who were not active as a regular INC Member before while still in the church, are now very active as INC Members in INC Defenders, so ironic. Our faith have never change, We will always defend the faith of what our Last Messenger Ka Felix taught us, and what Ka Erdy preach was all True Heart, Faith and Love… And we want the Holy Spirit to return back to the church again, but in order for that to happen, we need to get rid of the evil changes and corruption. The INC Dedenders Ministers will never never preach hate, we will never start a new church, we will never pray for death of certain INC Individuals, we only pray for peace and restoration of our beloved Church we believe is the True Chruch. Our 40 day Panata is now extended to 100 days, and if I can say something, I rather the Panata continue until the Church is restored.

all-truth-1024x576I ask all INC Members around the world to do something for me, do it privately, do not let your resident Ministers know or anyone or basically keep within your own family, I ask you to attend just 1 EGM… the schedules are in the official INC Defenders Website. I ask you just attend one, and if you hear a preaching of hate or anger or you do not feel how it felt during the time of Ka Erdy, then you don’t have to attend again, ignore me and wave your EVM Banners proudly, but if you do feel something while attending our EGMs or even in our daily Panata, please ask yourself, was your INC Minister telling you the truth about us? Or did your Minister lie to you? We love you dear brethren, and I know there are Silent Members that are just waiting it out or waiting for God to act.

I cannot say when God will act, even during the biblical times, God allows things to happen for many years 40 years, 100 years, before he acts. But if God sees how serious you are in what you see are wrong changes of the church and you participate and help your fellow INC Defenders, there is no other feeling you can receive other than you joining and being part of the calling from God to help restore the Church where there was no EVM Banners, No Intimidation, No Anger, Hatred and Malignment in the mouths of the INC Ministers, No Fear and Forced Submissions, No Abuse of Power and using Politicians and Governmemt entities for their own wealth and gain. No need to boast of World Records just to gain fame, No need for Business Ventures related to the Church. We didn’t need to build an expensive Largest Sports Arena, we could have just rented the ones available in the major cities and support their local Philippine economy at the same time.

Our Lord Jesus Christ never had all these luxuries, in a way, he hated anything that relates to money. During the time of Ka Erdy, He even said there is no need for loans, we can take care of the church ourselves, He said there is no need for Special Offerings unless it is used for Special Needs and Church-related. And as for the total submission to EVM with the Banners and Logos that is considered Idolatrous to the conservative INC Members, Ka Erano even encouraged the members not to make the world feel like it is a Manalo Church, do not give glory to Manalo, do not say Manalo all the time, but to only give glory to God… Please, let us tear down those EVM Banners from our sacred Chapels. Please Brethren wake up, We INC Defenders are not your enemies, never were we your enemies, we both have a common enemy, it is Satan and his Evil Minions corruption. Obviously if it is Satan who will use the INC Defenders to destroy the church, then Satan must be so stupid thinking 19 INC Defenders can put EVM’s Life in danger in Freemont.

Really almost 2000 INC Members surrounding EVM not including the hundreds of SCAN and armed Private Security Guards and Fresno Police, all there to protect EVM, and the 19 or 20 peaceful INC Defenders of all ages, young and old are there to destroy EVM? Really. Satan himself will not use a ragtag of less than 20 quiet, peaceful and un-armed vigil silent protestors, Satan will go for the Powerful INC Sangunnian, Satan knows, if he can control them, u control the whole church., as for the INC Defenders, they respected the peace, I think the vigil placards hitting the wind was louder than any of the mouths of those participating in the peaceful vigil.

The many unedited videos of that vigil will speak for itself, even though the INC Ministers claimed they EVM Followers were the ones peaceful but it shows those same INC Ministers instigating and rowdying up the pro-EVM crowd into a shouting EVM frenzie and a dangerous situation to the Defenders themselves, even the small Freemont Police Force and INC-paid Private Security had to back up a little when the angry crowd moved forward towards the Defenders and shout EVM EVM… the Freemont Police tried their best to control the crowd, it was just a small force of Freemont Police and at this moment some of our Defenders were literally assaulted and hurt. Please feel free to watch the video that is now viral, thank you again brave defenders, please watch it many times, you may watch it over and over if you wish, and tell me if the INC Defenders were a threat to EVM at all? Tell me if you saw the 19 Defeneders blocking the entrance and exits, tell me if you saw a defender being rowdy? Tell me if a defender said, Don’t Attend please? And then watch the “boycotted” news interview of Bro. Pellien and Bro. San Pedro and try to match what these two lying INC Ministers are saying then watch the video again. Brethren, these INC Ministers are the same ministers that malign the brave INC Defenders, these are the same Ministers that tell you not to watch our EGMs….

Now Brethren, do you still want to believe at that moment, Satan is in the side of the peaceful INC Defenders?, is it not Satan is the master of all lies… who are lying about what took place at Freemont EVM Visitation. If Satan is Satan, Satan will not infiltrate the ranks of a small group of ragtag INC Defenders whose faith is so strong that even after their expulsion they still dedicate themselves to the church by fighting for what’s right and exposing the INC anomalies, they still stand up for their faith even in social media, none of the INC Defenders are forced to be defenders, none of the Defenders are forced to post or write in Facebook, no, no no, all the messages they wrote comes from their hearts, their love… unlike the INC Members and Officers, especially INC Ministers are forced to create Facebooks or Blogs and malign and degrade the Defenders Restoration Movement, and some INC Ministers create dummy accounts so they can go over the line and malign with foul language and make it look like it’s not them but the ordinary INC Members that follow them on facebook, then they would just share it.

That’s how the INC Leadership never gets in trouble for their action, they create a BUFFER zone, example, the boycott of ABS CBN, the INC Leadership claim they are not responsible for the boycott, but who financed all the boycott banners and tshirts for all INC Members around the Philippines to wear, It seems the INC Leadership is responsible but created a buffer by making it look like the individual members decided it on their own…another example of Buffer Buffer Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffer…. the case at Freemont, one of the main reasons why they rather hire a Non-INC Members Security Guards instead of SCAN because is it liken an insurance policy.

Say there was an INC Defender that was a threat to EVM, then the paid Non-INC Private Security Agency was the one that shot and killed that INC Defender, you see, there’s a buffer now, meaning the INC Leadership can say, we didn’t kill him, they did…it was not us that killed the Defender, it was the one we hired for security and they are insured and they bare responsibility, same as the Interview of Ka Bob Pellien and Ka San Pedro, they already admitted in TFC that they cannot control the one or two or three INC Zealots that assaulted some Defenders, of course Ka San Pedro is a lawyer, wink wink, so he knows the law, I think… So just them admitting they have no control over some members they feel they will not share the responsibly of their members and off the hook. Similar in the Philippines, the arrest of Ka Lowell by these civilian clothed Policemen, the INC claim they are not responsible because there is a warrant from the Philippine Police, but then again those involved in the arrest are active INC Members that give loyalty to the church more that their police badges.

Half-truth-whole-lieSame with all the SCAN Members in Mindanao, that accused libel to Bro. Lowell Menorca. The INC Leadership right away said they cannot control their SCAN Members so they let them be free to do what they want. Really, but in every worship services, The Church preaches to you to submit submit submit and you cannot do whatever you want, then all of the sudden the church allows SCAN to do whatever they want? I dare the Church Leaders to show that you have complete control of the SCAN, show Christian compassion and call off your SCAN Organization to be like Christians for once and forgive and stop all the lawsuits against Ka Lowell and face Ka Lowell fairly and then since you already expelled Ka Lowell, allow Ka Lowell to be left alone and live in peace. Even you make Bro Lowell disappear or killed with his family, and think you can hide it, you cannot hide the truth, it will eventually come out, isn’t that what Edwil Zabala said? Bro. Edwil would not lie…wink wink.. Or does he not believe in what he preaches to the public. We already know Bro. Edwil, I guess we all know about him already….another wink wink…

We INC Defenders will never prevent or destroy the holiness and sacredness of the worship service, That is why the vigils are silent, no shouting, no loud talking, we even put our cellphones in silent. I dare any INC Member to show proof that any INC Defender prevented you from attending the worship services. We are there to expose what is truth. Our placards are not written to hurt, demean or malign, all are either exposes that everybody already knows or bible verses that are approved by our Defenders Ministers. No INC Defender has created an unsafe atmosphere to any of you, you might ask why do we wear a mask, please watch the Freemont Vigil viral video again and skip to timemark 11:05, you will see why we wear masks for our protection.

What happened in Freemont, sad to say, the Pro-EVM Social Media and Facebooks all laughed and degraded the 19 Defenders even more, they say there was only 19 and they looked like fools and they were laughed at and they even said they see the faces of the Defenders full of fear. Scared, crying, shaking.., Even the INC Defenders Leadership themselves were so afraid for the safety of their fellow Defenders, they plan in the future to go by a more safer and quieter vigil and different approach for the next peaceful vigil. I don’t blame them, no life is worth losing if there are alternative ways to end this madness. Did you not know, that day, EVM could have changed everything, a chance for peace, A true Leader would have gotten out of the car and talk to the Defenders with compassion, EVM should not fear for his life on that day, because he was surrounded by thousands of INC Members and Zealots that are willing to kill and die for him, then there’s the armed SCAN Members, the sniper on the roof of the chapel and also the personal armed INC Security Escort likened to the Secret Service of the US President, EVM is more protected that our Philippine President Aquino himself, maybe more protected then Obama himself.

EVM had nothing to lose, that day, didn’t he said during a past special worship services He is willing to Die for you and for the Church? Well no Defender is capable of harming you Bro. EVM, Well the INC Defenders are passive, non-threatening, and peaceful and they just wanted EVM to know there is something wrong inside the Church. But he seems to be sped off so fast, the Security Team had to forcefully clear the street or else someone will get run over. Then after EVM left and he cannot witness what is about to happen, that’s is when the INC Crowd went on a violent frenzie instigated by several INC Ministers, Pellien, San Pedro and Santiago and others, very similar to what they also sis to Philippine SEC De Lima during the Edsa Protest and the crowd became violent and it was also instigated by another INC Minister Edwil Zabal… please watch the video again and again…

That is why I am glad Freemont happened how it happened, the INC Defenders sacrifice their safety just to prove to you that we are right all along, Look what the INC has become. Look that the INC is no longer a Christian Religion but an Organized Empire that can make their members and followers do whatever they want them to do. This has never happened in the History of our Beloved Church during the time of Ka Felix and Ka Erano… That is why the INC Defenders exist, yes they can wipe us out with their powerful private army and the thousands of INC Zealots that are willing to kill in the name of EVM, they have the money and power to kill all the INC Defenders, they are capable of it.

There is now intel and sources that all the SCAN that will attend the EVM Pastoral Visit in Bakersfield will be fully armed and ready to use it to defend EVM, even though the peaceful INC Defenders vigil is in no way a threat to EVM, they might use this event as an excuse to cause harm to even kill a fellow INC Defender thinking this will finally demoralized and stop the Restoration movement once and for all, that could be their plan or even worst.
…This is why I am writing this personal letter also for my fellow INC Defenders of the Faith. The last vigil in Freemont, to my surprise, became physical and violent, I could swear I never thought INC Members would assault and become physical even in front of the Freemont Police and in front of the News Media, I never in my mind thought they would dare think they are above the Law in USA, In the Philippines, its understandable, I know the INC Leadership is above the law in the Philippines and our own Philippines Government are so fearful of the INC they look the other way, but here in USA? Really? Is this what I am seeing, the Freemont Police didn’t even arrest those INC Zealots that assaulted our Defenders and some are female Defenders who could no way protect themselves from that monstrous bald Gorilla INC Zealot, Please see video again if you missed it.

So this is why I am writing this message for all, there is Intel and Sources of ours that are in the ranks of high offices who are still inside the church here and abroad, it is confirmed that all SCAN Members will be armed and will have a concealed permit to carry such firearms to protect EVM. And it is known that Bakersfield Police Department will not be fully equipped and no backup in case there is another INC Frenzie and Violences. With all these firearms that will be in this EVM Pastoral Event, I fear for all the safety of all INC Defenders that will attend this vigil. Please have faith dear brethren, Our Lord God will always protect us and we must have faith in that. The Defenders Leadership has a new approach as to our future vigils, it will be more safe and no harm will ever come to a Defender anymore, we learned from last and past vigils and we see what works and what doesn’t, our goal is only to expose and to help in the restoration of the Church, we pray for peace and tranquility, no defender that I know will raise a hand of violence to any INC Member in a threatful way, we love our brethren, we are a peaceful and loving group of members who truly believe we are still INC Members in the heart and we are all Brothers and Sisters in the Faith… We will never hate a brethren in the church, we love you and we love the church…

14800382_16582764_lzMy final message to my Fellow Defenders around the world, We defenders in California are the front lines when it comes to vigils, yes we fight for all, we fight for our Lord God who chosen us to be Defenders. If something bad happens to me this Saturday or any other vigils in the future, I do not wish to be a martyr, but if it God’s will then be it, I meant anything can happen now that the INC Members are more violent and aggressive and their hearts are cold and now the SCAN will be fully armed to the teeth… Anything can happen but our Defenders Leadership has taken precautions for all of us, so we have safety in place.

Please have trust in God and to our Defenders Leadership, Whatever happens to me, Please Defenders, do not give up, continue to fight for what’s right, always pray to God for guidance, always be prayerful, whether Panata or personal, Can you imagine until now the INC Defenders are much stronger in their faith than before, look at Freemont, those small and vulnerable 19 vigil Defenders made an great impact across the globe, The world was watching, there was even a live Zoom Conference live that day, Many News Media covered the vigil, look at all the Social Media and Facebooks of all the Defenders, the Freemont Video is on fire, on wildfire spreading to thousands and thousands of sites, all those that didn’t believe us that INC Ministers are capable of violence, look now, it changed the minds and hearts of many INC Members across the World, soon, very soon Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Asia and especially in the Philippines, there will be more peaceful vigils around the world, in all locales in every continent, I think by then EVM will finally act and try to solve this situation.

With our sacred Holy Supper fast approaching, we all know the INC Church as a whole is not worthy to receive the blessings during this biblical and Sacred Occasion, maybe just maybe this will be the time all the INC Members will feel the curse and wrath of our Almighty God… and maybe this is the time EVM wakes up and gets rid of the corrupt INC Sangunnian and finally talk to his beloved mother Ka Tenny instead of following the wishes of his wife Ka Babylynn, and fix everything back, give glory to God instead of EVM himself and bring back all the unjust and unjustly express expelled members, like ME… because Judgment day is fast approaching and leave no true INC Member behind, and please control all the out of control INC zealot ministers and members that are so unchristian and gulo gulo in social media, that includes your ministers and officers and please, tear down those OWE Thumbprint Banners, it is Idolatrous, remember what Ka Erdy said, Do not glorify Manalo, but only give glory to God… The whole world think we are now Church of EVM or Church of Manalo … please return it back to Christ, please return it back to Church of Christ, Iglesia Ni Cristo…. If our Lord God came up to me right now and said, Are you willing to die so the church can be Restored again, I would answer to my God…. YES….!!!… Wouldn’t you also brethren…????

Your Brother in Christ,

Bro. R, an INC Defender….

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