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w4oke up at 5 in the morning today to follow up a pending application in one of the semi-government offices along East Avenue.  I tried last time going there on regular office hours and it took me 5 hours before my number was called!  So here I am trying to beat the regular queue at 6 in the morning.  An hour or so and I was through. Lucky me!

The sun was up and having nothing else much to do driving back, I decided to take the Central Avenue route and passed also Tandang Sora to see if things had changed. Unfortunately nothing much really. The usual scenario. The portalet and guardhouse were still there. The only difference was more police officers and guards were now assigned to the place  fronting the gate and across the street.

How about the ongoing projects along Central Avenue? How are they faring by now? Sadly, looks abandoned or the least, postponed for now. No workers were seen attending to the projects.

And as to the entrance to the New Era University, a reminder that the great EVM was still in charge with the huge portrait of him and his “thumbprint” occupying half of the side gate wall of the university.

By the way, I wonder what a fire truck is doing parked in front of the INC Central Compound.  I never remember seeing those during the previous administration. A semblance if I may say so of the Malacanang era where fire trucks were used to thwart over zealous rallyists.

Before closing, here is the locale of Carreon now no longer considered a house of worship since all members have been advised to continue their worship functions at the locale of Novaliches.  According to the said owner of the property Evelyn Malveda they are waiting for the return of the Cancellation of Contract.  As to the reason, rumors are plenty.  The online INC directory however still shows schedule of worship services to the contrary.

Nice to be updated don’t you think dear friends and brethren?