p3erceptions of Emmanuel Aguiluz describes how so many of us feel during these distraught times and how we long for those moments when sermons were uplifting, feeling the spiritual embrace of our Savior and Father in heaven.  Indeed, we all miss Ka Erdy and his sincere love for all of us.  Let us remain steadfast dear Emmanuel and continue to hold strong to the faith entrusted on us. This dark era will soon cease to exist as we continue to seek the glimmer of hope and light flickering at the far end of this seemingly unending tunnel.

  • William

Tears-are-prayers-too-they-travel-to-God-when-we-can’t-speakI have been skipping Church regularly over the last few months because I am starting to see it as a waste of time. The lectures are repetitive, the examples are hackneyed, the services bereft of the Spirit it used to have. The Spirit is more present in the few available sermons of Ka Erdy in You Tube. But for fear of my name being read for expulsion–I used to hold office in the locale so I try to protect my image somewhat–I still attend from time to time. There are rare moments when I would feel spiritually edified like when the old Ka Antazo led a prayer in the Pasig area, but most of the time I would just end up disappointed and feeling like I could have spent my time more productively.

One such time was last Thursday when a not-too-young minister emphatically said, “Walang korupsyon sa Iglesia. Sapat ng sabihin ng pamamahala natin na walang korupsyon para tayo maniwala sa kaniya. At kung ang mga kinakatulong niya ay pinagtitiwalaan niya, sino tayo para di pagtiwalaan ang mga katuwang niya sa pangunguna sa Iglesia?” I wanted to walk out right there and then.

I cannot understand how ministers muster enough courage to lie not only in front of the congregation, but in front of the Father in Heaven? Have they lost their fear of God that they allow themselves to be instruments of the grand cover up? Do they think they are sanctifying themselves by allowing themselves to be used for the self interest of a few people?

I am about to reach the end of my tether. One day, I feel I would just walk away from all these and not look back anymore because of the sadness, pain, and disappointment all these things happening to the Church has brought me.

Welcome back sir! Reading your articles somehow give me strength to go on—much better than worship services can even edify me these days.

  • Emmanuel Aguiluz