pilot drivethis morning, I attended worship service at Pilot Commonwealth simply because I had an INC friend visiting me from Davao asking if I knew where the nearest  chapel could be from where he was booked at – an apartelle rented for a week near SM Fairview. He said he already went to Lagro and wanted to check on other chapels.  So I brought him to Pilot just across the grand Capitol locale. Personally I find Pilot better because of its cozy size and of course air-conditioning ;-).

As usual, the chancel (tribuna) was filled with the officiating ministers, regular workers, and the Head Deacon. Each making sure that the other would not be straying away from the Preachers Guide during the execution of the sermon. (In contrast to the worship services in the provinces where only the Minister and the Head Deacon preside the service.) As expected, Metro Manila will always be the benchmark in determining the “trend” and “direction” of the Church. Plus, whether a Minister can be “trusted” to be solidly associated with “One With EVM.”

The first half was officiated by a familiar face though his name escapes me for the moment. The subject was on the necessity of attending worship service come what may with some injections of “sa mga kumakaaway sa atin…” and so forth – nothing out of the norm.  The second and last part of the sermon was surprisingly handled well by Ka Emil Magtuto.

“Ang kapayapaan sa loob ng Iglesia ay mananatili dahil naroroon ang Diyos na gumagabay sa kapayapaan at kung kinakailangan na payapain ng Diyos ang kaniyang bayan, sa pamamagitan ng pananalangin ng Kaniyang bayan, makakamtan nila ito.”

“Ano ang silbi ng  masarap na pagkain na nakahaing sa hapagkainan at wala naman kapayapaan umiiral sa sambahayan. Mas mabuting sinasaluhan ang isang pirasong galunggong sa loob ng masaya at mapayapang sambahayan.”

Ka Emil, under different circumstances, I’m sure would have expounded more on the aspects of the importance of peace within the family and the Church.

After all the prayers of, “Ama, lipulin mo ang lahat ng mga kumakaaway sa iyong Pamamahala,” the question of EVM’s leadership remains unanswered. The personalities behind the cause continue to make their presence felt.  No one has yet been “lipulin-ized.” so to speak. God does choose which prayers to answer or not after all.

And those prayers of the Administration to avenge the chosen one (EVM) are falling on deaf ears. In contrast to the prayers of the few who God have apparently chosen to heed (compared with the hundreds of shouting ministers calling for the heads of the so-called detractors). One Ka Lowell against the huge INC. A grenade attempt, an aborted assassination,  kidnapping, false criminal  charges, etc. and still the guy remains unfazed. If that is not Divine Providence, I don’t know what is.  And I ask you my dear friends and followers of this site, do we really need a lie detector to check which side is telling the truth?

bien santiagoBy the way, while having breakfast at Pancake House (I still don’t understand why their pancakes are so expensive, I can make one with one-fifth of their price. Must be the service ..), who would you think suddenly came in? The great Ka Bien Santiago.  But unlike before where he would usually sum up the place for acquaintances, this time he just went straight to an empty table, placed an order for him and his companion and stared down at his mobile until their orders arrived.  I guess he had his reasons for avoiding confrontations friendly or otherwise. So though I knew him personally, I let him be.  I was about to stand up when I noticed a man and a woman making some short small talk with him before I left the Caf.

Before closing here are some pictures I took of my recent visit to the highlands. Awesome, you should try it out sometimes too before your knees give in 😉