As the great Terminator would say, “I’ll be back.”

My dear friends and brethren, your senior aged “jedi” will be out for around two to three more days.  I had to go up North on an emergency call from a confidant who just happens to be living in the mountains in Aurora, Quezon Province.  All the news I can gather comes from an AM radio on two sets of double A batteries. Aside from that you can kiss Globe, Smart, and Sun goodbye.

You may be wondering how then I was able to write this. Well, I had to come down for supplies and met a young lad I befriended and he was more than willing to lend me his CP for a few minutes and so here I am.

Browsed all your comments and emails too and will be responding to them once I get back to my PC at home.  Again, I’m very sorry for all the inconvenience I may have caused.

Take care and see you guys soon. (Climbing up the mountains used to be easy and fun! Right now though, I’d rather be at home getting disgusted over the current bungling decisions of the Church like that ABS-CBN text brigade they launched.  Let’s see if they can advise all the INC workers associated with the network to resign or worse expel them.)

  • William