from one Phoenix Wright.  Bullseye dear Phoenix, I couldn’t have said it better.  And I’m glad you watched Star Wars too. With you also, may the Force be 😉 .

  • William

“I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”
– Luke 15:7 (NIV)

When-injustice-becomes-law-resistance-becomes-duty.Dear Bro William,

The way they treat the bloodline of God’s last messenger sickens me as well. I’ve been off of all  this for a few days now because I’m under a state of depression. The current state of the church is giving me a harder time to recover and start over.

A few days ago, I opened up my original FB account, which I abandoned because of what I’ve been seeing from the brethren (the hatred and the disrespect to fellowmen, and the “expelled”).

I wish I hadn’t.

To the people under the banner of EVM, these events shouldn’t be taken seriously. The post I saw was comparing Ka Lottie to an “actress” with almost the same hairdo. According to that person, the only difference was the “level of acting”, and actress was way better, and far more convincing. To them, Ka Lottie’s a joke to be laughed at. They’re making fun of the family of the man they “worship” (or “idolize” if that tones it down a bit), which for me doesn’t make any logical sense at all.

You put a person in the highest pedestal one could imagine, but you throw his family in the garbage, because your “idol” did. So as a fan, you would do the same thing? If your family disobeys the church administration, will you condemn them as well? Do you even love your own family?

I mean it goes as something like, “Hey Bro/Sis, what’s with all the disrespect, and hatred towards Bro EVM’s family?”

EVM Fan: “Because they’ve been a headache to our church administration for years by rebelling. But Bro. EVM knows better. He loves the Church so much he banished his own family to rot in their own house. How cool is that?! And by the way, I’m not hating on anyone, nor am I…disrespectful.”

“Okay… if you say so. But even if the family of Bro EVM did these things they say they did, why did he have to give up on them? Our Lord Savior thought us that every sheep counts. If one sheep goes astray, the pastor/shepherd should leave his other sheep and look for that missing sheep. As we all know, the flock are members of the Church of Christ, and 99% of them are not the pastor’s blood relative, but he still goes out and look for any them if they happened to get lost – family or not.

If Bro EVM can’t keep his family in check (assuming the accusations are true), so how CAN he manage the rest of the flock?”

EVM Fan: “Shut up! Bro EVM is guided by the Holy Spirit, and he is our connection to God, our Father! What he did is JUST according to God’s will, and they deserve it for disobeying the Church Administration!

Are you questioning the divine leadership of Bro. EVM?! You will be expelled for this you traitor! You will burn in the fiery depths of hell like the rest of the Fallen Angels! Heresy! Somebody call a minister! Heresy!”



I guess being guided by “divine rights/powers” can make a person immune to mistakes, or even sin as well. As far as I could remember there’s only one person (and He’s not just any person) who didn’t commit any sin at all, and He’s the only connection we have with our Father.

Guess they forgot about that one. And a whole bunch of teachings of our Lord Savior that we never hear from again. Most of the lessons these days revolve around three essential teachings that rotate from one lesson after another. And when you’re lucky, you get all three in one sitting (3-in-1). What happened to the rest?

DevilisaPreacherBy the way, it’s seems like (some) ministers are having a bad case of temper these days. They continue to make the pulpit a theatrical display of lies, deceit, and angry rants over unimportant things besides God’s words (which is the heart and center of every worship service).

And those BEM students, who sounded like they skipped speech class (if they even have one), still aren’t improving. Uutal-utal (stuttering). What gives?!

It depresses me more that despite how hard our previous leaders had labored and endured for the sake of our beloved Church, it seems like we’ve now become the very demon/monster the Church had been trying to destroy for years. How ironic.

PS. Bro William, I’ve watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens a few weeks ago, and I personally enjoyed it despite it’s flaws. Just saying! And sorry for the long post. God bless brother. And may the force be with you.

  • Phoenix Wright