My Dearest Friends, Brothers, and Sisters,

Lately, media has picked up on recent events at Tandang Sora and Baguio City.  Though the news clips ran into only a few seconds and minutes apiece, you’ll notice the uproar it has created from comments resonating not only on Facebook but also on other social media where INC news are broadcast.

With respect to the Tandang Sora incident, each side is pointing to the other as to who started the commotion making a big fuss out of it.  They put out their own interpretations and defend it like hell on Facebook.  And those in disagreement do likewise.

Initial reaction whether it be anger, sadness, or joy to any news is expected. And comments from such an incident I guess is normal in this age of modern technology where responses and the throb of the people can be calculated in seconds.

The downside however, it creates chaos where there should be none.  For example, in the Tandang Sora commotion.  How many hundreds of the person making the comments witnessed the actual incident? In fact, only a handful were there probably a dozen – take or add a few. So from the more or less dozen participants, have you heard anything from them about the incident? I’m sure they themselves are quite confused as to what really happened.  As to us the watching public, we only rely and merely play the video again and again to see who initiated the commotion. And then we present our own views depending on which side we are.

It’s like reading from the bible. Pick up one verse and explaining it the way you see fits your own version of the “truth.” Like I said earlier, the video is just a short clip – just running into 50 seconds. It definitely cannot be taken per se, just as one verse cannot be taken out of context.  

All I’m saying is, aside from the dozen participants in the commotion, we are not in any way credible to decide which one was at fault so let’s just keep our traps shut. Anyway, I’m sure we’ve already had our say by now (me included). Baguio City? What about it? The last I heard is they’re pushing through with the project.  So let them.  Whether the Administration decides to pursue this in court or not, it’s their call.  And whether all of these Church related incidents filed in court will have a positive effect on the Church, I guess we’ll all find out sooner or later, like it or not – as God willed it to be (differentiated from “want” it to be).

Meantime, let’s maintain composure the best way we can. We’re just human anyway, God made us that way. Let’s do the best with that in mind, starting with Humility.

Yours sincerely,