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fhis occurred just a few hours ago at 36 Tandang sora after Ka Lottie attended a hearing where her escorts were refused entry inside the compound upon their return.  It is only fortunate that the INC security guard’s handgun pointed at the neck of the escort did not go off.  Had any indiscriminate firing occurred, rest assured all hell would have broken loose between the security guards and the marine escorts of Ka Lottie.


I really have to hand it to you dear Executive Minister. Your crooked version of the truth, compassion, and salvation is one of a kind.  So sickening it makes me puke.  And I hope you were able to catch your sister’s revelation of how your father made efforts to look for the Sugo’s relatives and care for them even if they were not members of the Church. But I’m sure you already know that. Haven’t you noticed the connection of this revelation to the incidents transpiring?  God knows perfectly well where, when, and how to position his pawns doesn’t He? Checkmate soon my dear EVM.

  • W. Smith

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