i‘ve always maintained that a smile or laughter will beat a frown or jokeranger  anytime and it feels much better too.  My recent article on “Bakit kayo nag-aabot…” from our friend Raven has raised so much ire among the flock especially from those having come across the issue for the first time. Well, let’s pour a little water over the flame otherwise we may carry it over to the incoming year.  This anecdote happened not so long ago 🙂 .

  • William

Philippine-BloggersOnce after having our locale visited by a prominent minister during a Church service, we the Pamunuan huddled  in a corner and quietly discussed about “giving something” to the minister.

“Paano ito?,” I quipped, “Wala ako ngayon.”

“Wala rin ako eh,” uttered PD4 and 5.

“Ako bahala,” boldly declared PD3.

“Mukhang kumita ah,” I whispered to PD4 and 5.

(The missing PD2 was playing a “ninja” [borrowed from Mario]. He suddenly disappeared.)

Before I continue, let me explain to you a certain protocol that has to be followed when  giving something to a minister.  When you shake hands (with the gift folded very small in your palms) you see to it that you are the last one there to shake hands with.  Remember there will be countless brethren waiting outside to greet and shake his hands.  So again, you have to be sure that you will be the last one there to shake hands with.  Why? You’ll find out in a moment.

So, after our short huddle, PD3 directly proceeded to the minister’s dressing room where countless brethren were waiting for his appearance. But instead of waiting in the distance he directly approached the minister when the door opened and extended out his hand.  Naturally, the minister extended out his hand too and the “hand shake” took place.

Ang problema maraming mga kapatid na kasunod ng PD3 na naglapitan at nakipagkamay rin.  Ang “gift” nasa kanan kamay ng ministro at wala ng panahon para maibulsa niya. Ayon, biglang naging kaliwete si ministro. Lahat ng kasunod kaliwang kamay ang ginamit sa pag-kamay (mga sampung kapatid siguro ang kinamayang ng kaliwa, panahon para maibulsa ang “gift.”)

CPL  asian laughing  IS10309448_0“Gago ka talaga!,” I whispered to  PD3, “Hindi mo inantay makaalis ang mga kapatid, taranta  tuloy siya kung ano gagawin niya.”

“Nakalimot ako eh.” whimpered PD3.

Anyway, I put my arms around his shoulder and said, “Bayaan mo na, buti nga siya, may baon na, tayo mag-hahanap pa.” And all of a sudden a thought crossed my mind.

“Ano kaya bro,” I asked PD3, “kung si Ka Eduardo nangasiwa, tapos may siningit ka sa pag-kamay mo sa kaniya?”

“Ititiwalag tayo non!” sagot niya sa akin.

As Bob Dylan would sing, “Times are a-chaanggiiiingg …” 🙄