while most of us spend the season with plenty, some just manage to get by like this family described by Lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles.

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Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles

The other day Atty Ahmedy Paglinawan and I scaled a wall, crossed a small section of rooftop then climbed down again to visit a client. Clients. They were walled up in their home, in the dark, (electricity had been cut off). The children were no longer being accepted in school, and they were often assaulted by the sound of construction workers raking over portions of their home.

But one of them had a birthday and we absolutely had to go. So we had pancit, we brought a small birthday cake and talked about how this all felt like camping. I resolved to bring marshmallows next time. And there will be a next time. Because hope happens when we get together like this.


Atty. Ahmedy Pagllinawan

And I’m not talking about the persecuted either. It’s the lawyers that gather hope when we see and hear of the resilience and tenacity of our clients even under the most grievous situations of oppression. We were the ones who came away emboldened, stronger. Perhaps more determined.


So it still is the Christmas story, of people turned away, denied shelter, denied help, going through trying times but celebrating in the dark, waiting for dawn. Because we know, we KNOW, the light will never be denied them.