A very short message I received  today from one of the countless brethren who seemingly had lost hope but found the strength to continue on.  May his thoughts give us courage and faith.

  • William

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(From An INC Defender)

To all the INC Defenders around the world…

You are not alone and don’t give up. I too felt this way until God opened my eyes and now I somehow understand. Yes, we are all expelled from the church that was literally our life, most of us were willing to die for the church…. Many of us are handogs, officers and also active members throughout our lives… Being expelled wrongfully and at the hands of the Corrupt Sangunnian is a blessing, my brethren, truly a blessing..

Why? Because can you imagine the millions of blind INC Members around the world.. But only a few… Our Lord God chosen only a few, …yes very few, to be awake and witness what has happened to our beloved church..??? We are growing in numbers… We are not creating division, never, in a matter of fact… God is the one choosing who will have their eyes open or closed… it is up to us to stand up for the Restoration of the Church that Bro. Felix and Bro. Erano loved and upheld and cared for.

If we fail, then we fail God… If we give up now, we gave up on God… If the INC Sangunnian get me killed, then let it be… i rather be killed by them corrupt Sangunnian, then die giving up on God… Stay Strong Brethren, this is God’s will and test to our faith…It is up to us now… Our Lord God already opened our eyes, so use this as a blessing and fight for our faith, fight for our beloved church, Fight for the Restoration of the Iglesia Ni Cristo….