the following is mail I received from one Phoenix Wright in response to an earlier article “Ka Erdy first and foremost …” ; his comments about this site, experiences, and recollections on the Church past and present.  It is a worthwhile read.

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Hand-written-letter3Bro. Smith. First of all, after what’s been going on lately, it’s hard for me to find trust among the brethren (especially in our local), and even in social media where defenders and EVM fanatics are tearing each other apart. I was hesitant to read your thoughts and insights about the current issues inside the Church that I even asked some defenders if this blogsite is legit, and not a hoax made by the Banners of Bro. EVM (and his Thumbmark).

After reading some of your latest articles, I ended up reading from the very start of your blog-writing career (and that was on June 2015 – a month before the BIG BOMB exploded in YouTube, and during those times, we were “unaware” of all of this but we do noticed a lot of changes in our local and of the Church itself).

And then, I stumbled on this. Melts my heart. Just like most comments here, I too had wept knowing that I never got the chance to hear his sermons personally. I’m from a generation where Ka Erdy already shut his doors for reasons none of us know during that time (that he was gravely ill and he just kept it to himself, and his family – and perhaps even among the Church Council).

ka erdyBut I do know the Church was peaceful during his time. Worship services always feels like you truly serve and worship our Lord God, and our Lord Savior. Even before the current slogan of our current administration, back then there was already Faith, Hope, and most especially – LOVE.

Brethren and Ministers alike (yeah even Ka Arnel Tumanan who officiates our yearly special worship services for choir members) were very down to earth, and didn’t seem like the type of persons who would spread lies and deceit. Let alone DEMAND anything from the brethren such as food for district ministers, or buy bundles of tickets for a “movie” as a form of “donation” to help propagate the Faith in a weekly basis! WEEKLY ASKING FOR DONATIONS! WEEKLY!

During Ka Erdy’s time. this was strictly forbidden. I know this because my uncle is a minister, and an honorable man. He always cautious, and avoids gifts from the brethren. Even if some of the intentions seemed pure, he still avoids it, disregard this type of gifts (sabi nga ni Ma, naispirituhan daw ni Tito kung malinis ang puso or may ibang pakay). Unless of course he would stumbled upon a box, or an envelope that has no name on it, then I guess that’s an exemption (I guess it’s safe to assume that these types of brethren clearly are not asking for anything in return, or have any hidden agendas for giving such gifts).

Back then, all I hear was fascinating stories (just like this one) of Ka Erdy, and how he loved and cared for the flock like his own children. He was a father figure to many. Even my mom calls him “tatay”. My uncle (the minister) looked up to him a lot, that every now and then, he would listen to one of Ka Erdy’s recorded sermons in his mini cassette player/recorder (which back then was interesting to a kid such as myself that I playfully recorded one of the cartoons I was watching, not knowing that I was overwriting one of Ka Erdy’s sermons – my uncle didn’t talk to me for days).

How I miss those days, and how I really wish I got the chance to hear him preach in person, and experience his love, and compassion for entirety of the Church.

So now, aside from AE, and Bro. Arvin Cayabyab, I now have this blogsite to read in my spare time. You just earn yourself another reader.

*held out a hand to for a shake*

By the way, initially I thought you’re a minister po. But I think you’re a more honorable man then these so called ministers who would punch somebody’s face (when that person is not looking) in game of basketball just to show us our places in this life – we are not allowed to win, and our faces should be in the dirt where it belongs. And don’t get me started on how they treat women (our lovely sisters in faith).

Disgusting pigs (sorry for the language – some of them just really disgust me).

Take care po brother Smith. Keep us posted. And thank you so much for this heart-warming article. God bless you and your family.

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Thank you dear Phoenix for sharing with us your thoughts and insights.  I am also honored by your compliments.  Again, thank you very much for keeping me company.  Best regards too and Happy Holidays!

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