with so much going on in social media, maybe it would be wise to reflect once in a while on matters not directly associated with church affairs. And instead, during this season of merriment and festivity, when the rest of Christianity celebrates the birth of Christ, what more appropriate than to talk about “love.” But not necessarily love for the church or the gereral concept of love for the brethren. But love on a more personal level that’s described as “kilig” by the very young “aldub” crowd, “first love” for the young at heart, and “true love” reserved for the rest of us love-mushy crazy people.

Like most of us, yours truly included, I also fell in love many, many years ago in a galaxy far, far away.  In fact I even put up a website and titled it “Marshmallow Clouds” and dedicated it to the girl of my dreams. (Nope, sorry to say, she isn’t my wife. The love for my wife is unmeasurable, as the saying goes, “In a scale of 1 to 10, she is a 9 and I’m the 1 for her.” [Just in case she’s listening 😉 .]  Yup, I did my research on that.)

Well, like I said, I put up a website for her, my dream girl –


And on the home page I wrote –


(My first article 🙂 )

First hello. . .
 A very long time ago a young college freshman was waiting for his bus home at around 10 in the evening. He was then enrolled in night classes. He chose this schedule because traffic at night was light then as compared to day classes.

As usual he waited just near the Quiapo underpass entrance, a convenient place because it was where commuters got off from buses and jeeps. He could easily see Mercury Drug Store at the opposite lane. A woman in her late fifties was rushing towards the drug store – probably a sick relative needing some immediate relief, he thought. A male Lyceum high school student was hastily running towards a jeep together with a dozen others. He sighed. Some things never change.

There he stood with not a care in the world and waiting for the rush to slow down, but when the minutes slowly passed into an hour he started to think, “Hmmm, it’s taking too long…” Buses and jeeps were becoming scarce but the commuters were not. So he started to walk towards the middle of the road where most of the commuters were.

 It was then that a girl caught his attention in her late teens or early twenties also trying to catch a ride. She was dressed in a pale yellow dress with a white shirt. Her dark rich hair complemented her smooth fair complexion. She’s attractive he thought. Then he looked away and focused on his ride back home.

 Another fifteen to twenty minutes and still nothing so he paced back to the curb and wondered if he would be here till early morning. It was almost midnight. When he glanced over his shoulder, he saw her. She was still here; in fact she was standing right beside her. 

He never could open a conversation with a total stranger much less a woman at that but the long wait gave reason for him to courteously utter “Looks like we’re both having a difficult time catching a ride.” She didn’t respond so he decided to just look away and ignore the situation. 

Then she answered, “Yes, that seems to be so, you’ve been here long?” 
“More than an hour, where are you headed for?”
 “I’m from Pasig and you?”

 “I’m waiting for a jeep for Quezon City.

He couldn’t help staring at her. She had crystal clear dark brown eyes, a small oval face, thin lips matched by perfect white teeth. Soft flowing hair running down her shoulders. It was instant attraction.

This went on for about 10 minutes more when suddenly a bus for Pasig appeared and she had to say goodbye  and boarded the bus. He saw her figure climb up the bus and while he stared at her as she reached the rear portion of the bus she looked back… and waved him good-bye.
The next day and for rest of the month, every single day he would wait at the same place hoping to meet her again. But he never did. He didn’t get her telephone number, didn’t know where she studied, he didn’t even get her name!
This incident changed the way how he looked at life, how he looked at love.

♥ ♥ ♥

And on her birthday I wrote –

afterthoughts copy

Actually, there’s another anecdote following the “First hello” but will have to wait because I’m not sure you guys out there share my same mushy sentiments this time of year.  Hope I get some positive feedbacks, nervously speaking though.

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