Let’s discuss the two terms –  Truth and Verdict.  On a personal level all of us I’m sure, grasp and comprehend the meaning of these two words.  But let’s go a little further and examine the two words.

How does Merriam-Webster define and describe the word Truth?

b : sincerity in action, character, and utterance

2 a (1) : the state of being the case: FACT (2) : the body of real things, events, and facts: ACTUALITY (3) often capitalized: a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality

4  capitalized Christian Science: God”

What is FIDELITY? It is  “the quality of being faithful or loyal to a country, organization, etc.

And CONSTANCY? It is “: the quality of staying the same : lack of change : the quality of being loyal to a person or belief”

Now, how does Merriam-Webster define and describe the word Verdict?

“law : the decision made by a jury in a trial : a judgment or opinion about something”

balance-scaleSo, in essence, Verdict does not necessarily mean it is the Truth. It is merely a decision reached after a trial by the jury or in our case by the judge. To reach a guilty verdict, all reasonable doubt must be cleared. On the other hand, an acquittal necessitates the existence of reasonable doubt. For example, a man charged of murder may be acquitted for “reasonable doubt”. The prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the suspect committed the crime. On the other hand, this same man may be pronounced guilty by the judge on merits by the prosecution of having proved beyond reasonable doubt that he committed the crime.

On both counts, whether the Verdict is true or not has yet to be satisfied. Merely because the decision was reached based on human factors.  It is never conclusive.  Let’s take a case in point – The Vizconde Massacre:

vizconde“In the Trial Court (People of the Philippines vs. Hubert Webb, et al., G.R. No. 176864), it became one of the most sensational cases in the Philippines, being described as a “trial of the century”. The men were convicted by the Parañaque Regional Trial Court which the Court of Appeals affirmed. Except for Filart and Ventura who had been convicted in absentia, the men were later acquitted by the Supreme Court on 14 December 2010 for failure of the prosecution to prove their guilt beyond reasonable doubt.”

So did the respondents kill the victims or not?  What is the Truth now? A Verdict is a decision or opinion by man.  The Truth is God.  So let us maintain our focus.  File all the necessary complaints against the erring Church officials with the Courts of law but let us be aware the decision can go either way. We have to accept this and not blame anyone else or worse criticize the country’s justice system for it. (Let us not forget it is a lengthy and expensive process too.)

It is the first time in Church history that internal governing factors associated with ministers and the flock have been brought out to the public for their scrutiny.  We do not and should not think that they will understand the discipline being practiced within the Church. Much less expect that they will decide favorably for the welfare of the Church.  Only WE understand this, they don’t.

As I’ve always maintained, the way things are going, we will be hitting rock bottom sooner or later.  It’s a sinking ship.  Patches here patches there. There will be no way to avert the  Church’s waterloo where its wealth is concerned. Only YOU and I will remain to start all over again. Not the countless so-called ministers, pastors, and supposed caretakers who just couldn’t say the two letter word “NO” when the church offerings to God were about to be “confiscated”.   As for the great EVM and his Council, oh I’m sure by now they (with their families) have already planned their escape routes.






“A loving son’s message to his mother” (a letter written by Ka Lowell Menorca to his mother)  is the title of AE’s latest post.  I’m sure it will tug on anyone’s heartstrings.

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