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We are not a cult because most of us worship God and Jesus when we go to worship services. I assured you I would not attend church to please any human being like me. The current uprising of members in the church is another manifestation that we are not cult. Many members are not being brainwashed to keep silent when we see disobedience and disrespect of church leaders to our God and Jesus. I can not blame non-members to call us cult because there are also many members who chose not to hear the voices of the brethren shouting the truth because some are afraid to lose their faith after learning their leaders who they trusted and supposed to be appointed by God are the violators of God’s commandments. Some are afraid of change and ignore the change needed. Some are just misinformed or not informed such as the elderly and young members. Some just do not have the capacity to think analytically. Read the bible to study what is being preached to you.

51ncH22NooL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The big issue is not the financial corruption because that will take its course when offerings do not flow abundantly like it used to. The trust is gone due to the church leaders’ commercial business plans. Honestly, they read and studied the bible that Jesus got angry when people mixed church and business together? You can not deny you are not trying to make profits out of our sacred offerings whether you admit or not. I wonder what will regular ministers do when the church has no more enough money to help minister families’ financial needs. Maybe they will start to speak up. Let it be. Maybe the church will go back to humble state. Maybe that is better after all.

One important issue is the culture of oppressive leaderships, violence, and bad behaviors of some ministers. What a hypocrisy! They will ask an officer to step down of their office when family member has violation done but they can not apply that to themselves. How can they just pick up a family like they have ownership of them and disrupt their daily lives, jobs, etc. like what they did to Yanson’s family? I do not know how brethren can not see this as wrong doings. They are in denial. It is a pity.

The biggest issue is the use of worship services time to preach hate instead of praising God. Do not waste our worship service time to brainwash us that the administration do not make mistakes by teaching complete submission to church administration. You are abusing that specific bible scripture you preach everywhere even in social media. Our complete submission is to God and Jesus. Church administration is just like us, servants. There are so many bible scriptures about God’s love, grace, mercy, and many more to remind us that we have almighty God that deserve heartfelt worships. We also have many teachings and examples of Jesus that we can explore in the worship services. The worship service is not about the church administration, it is about God and Jesus. Get it!!

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