A message of inspiration and condolences – To Ka Jon-Jon and his family from  Laslow.

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condolenceOde to Ka Jon

To Ka Jon,

We never really had that many talks, we barely had a long conversation, but our actions speak for us. Your actions told us, the defenders all over the world, that the Church is worth dying for, not by mere words, but by action. Your illness took us by surprise, and it’s a pain that we will remember forever, but let our loss be not one of sadness or grief, but one of inspiration.

To inspire the everyday member to open their eyes; listen with their hearts, and pray that tomorrow may be brighter than today. Our hearts may be heavy, but we should remember that God sees our sacrifices, He sees our hardships, He listens to our prayers and when the time comes that He see fit to cleanse the Church, He will show His mighty power and reveal the truth to us.

funeral-flowers-wreath roses & other flowersThank you Ka Jon for inspiring me, and more of us all over the world. To Ka Jon’s family, we are sorry for your loss, but always remember that Ka Jon died fighting for what he believed in, fighting for the truth and fighting for the Church we love dearly. May we all see each other again Ka Jon, thank you and we love you. 

(A sensible piece of advice from Laslow .)

True Defenders

We, who are mostly anonymous, who have to hide using pen names and pseudo accounts, we who check on the accounts of known defenders to remain updated with the happenings inside the Church, we, the true defenders.

nt-session-7-general-letters-56-638As defenders, I urge each and every one of you to always weigh things when you share or post something online. Not everything “good” that we see is true, especially when it comes to matters that involve the leadership of our Church. Let us be wiser as to see who is a defender from a detractor, an honest man from a liar, let us pray every night that our hearts are guided as we fight this fight.

Let us not stoop down to their level. Our God is of love, not hate, if a member attacks us online with words, do not be angered, more so feel sorry for our
brother or sister who has let anger and hate consume them. Pray for them, rather than hate them, they too are trying to figure out what is true from all the lies they are fed, pray that their hearts are guided in these times.

Be inspired. Everyday, our brethren from all over the world fight for the Church and the truth, use them as inspiration, rather than let these people who try and lie to our faces every week bring us down. Every day is an opportunity to improve the Church, don’t let negativity and sadness control us.

psPlease do read the “The red pill, the blue pill” by AE on https://incsilentnomore.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/the-red-pill-the-blue-pill/ . More thoughts to reflect upon.

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