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    question and answer3Iglesia Ni Cristo – Silent No More by Antonio Ramirez Ebangelista


This is a compilation of Questions from Non-Defenders and Non-believers alike, including observers and even the occasional pesky Trolls. Please read carefully and try to understand…. just try….

So just try…

Q. Who are you really Mr. Antonio Ebangelista?

A. I am anybody you want me to be, but basically I am everybody and anybody who is standing for what is right and what is true. I am the culmination of the unheard voices of the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, including those who were unjustly expelled for wanting to seek the answers, for believing what is true and for standing up for what is right.So you may call me names all you want, it doesn’t matter, only the TRUTH matters.

Q. If you are really telling the truth, then why do you have to hide under an alias or a pseudo name? Why are you afraid to reveal yourself so that we will believe you?

Anonymous-Quotes-About-Love-Full-HD-Wallpaper-DesktopA. If you are the type of person who REQUIRES to see me to believe the TRUTH, then you are not after the TRUTH, you are only after the personality. The TRUTH doesn’t come with a “To see is to believe” tag, it comes with FAITH. If you don’t have faith in the TRUTH then there’s no sense for me to explain it to you any further.  ANONYMITY is not synonymous to COWARDICE as commonly accepted by those who are quick to judge. Anonymity is a tool so that the TRUTH will be the center of the MESSAGE. Because the IGNORANT shoots the messenger rather than the MESSAGE. If they can’t refute the message, they try to discredit the messenger. Now who am I to be exempted from faults or flaws? I am as human as each and everyone of you, I do not claim to be perfect, that is why I take my PERSONAL IDENTITY out of the question so that the exposition of the truth will not be biased, it will not be personality-based. The TRUTH is a STAND-ALONE concept and it should be taken as such without any malice or prejudice.

Q. How can we verify your articles or expositions of corruptions and wrong doings if we cannot verify who you are?

A. Why do you have a need to verify my existence for you to accept the TRUTH? If I say that air is valuable for your existence, will you not accept it simply because you don’t know me personally? Try holding your breath until you realize the oxymoron in your logic.

Q. How do we verify your articles and expositions then?

A. Simple. To know the answer, ASK QUESTIONS. If the person you are asking is apprehensive about your question then you know that you are on the right track. INVESTIGATE, look for facts, documents, proofs. NEVER ACCEPT ANYTHING AS ABSOLUTE TRUTH JUST BECAUSE A.E. SAID SO. No! You are way better than that. I boldly suggest that you read up on “the other side’s” explanations and compare them to the articles I have published. Don’t be tempted to REJECT evidences presented JUST BECAUSE they are not the same as your beliefs. There are below-average thinking people who automatically say that documents presented in my articles, are false or fabricated just because they don’t want to accept it. I put all my sources on my articles so that you can verify for yourself. Call, email, visit the places I have stated and see for yourself if the evidences are true of not. But be reminded that this is only for the open-minded and open-hearted people who are seeking for the truth among the wide-spread lies, because no matter how many proof is presented, if a person is a close-minded fanatic, then it will all mean nothing to him. Are you like that?

Q. Why are you revealing all these “internal” problems? Are you trying to destroy the church?

51ncH22NooL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A. On the contrary, the reason why I am exposing all these problems, because it is what’s going to destroy the Church. We have already followed the “internal” reportorial procedures to have these problems resolved, unfortunately the people who screens these reports are the ones who are implicated with the anomalies, thus the COVER UPS. Are you telling me that it is okay to let our so-called leaders to trample on the rights of its members, to coerce and harass brethren, and cover up all the wrong doings under the all-encompassing rule of “pasakop sa Pamamahala”? If your answer is yes then you will be no different than all the other religions that are now constantly being scandalized for all the anomalies they have covered up throughout the years. You can only hide the truth for so long, it will always surface to the top for its grand reveal. Always.

Q. Why social media? Why not report directly to Bro. Eduardo Manalo?

A. Social Media was never an option before, but since the “INTERNAL PROTOCOL” inside the church, which was, if there is a problem, you report it, the administration investigates and corrects the problem. But now, this whole process has been desecrated by the same Ministers who swore to uphold it. Why? Because these corrupt personalities have been deeply entrenched in the lies they produced just to be able to cover up the truth. So, in the order of self-preservation of those who are implicated, the ones who report the anomalies, eventually are the ones being investigated, harassed, coerced and later on, expelled. That is why eversince the brethren have lost faith in the system of reporting to the church administration, they we re forced to seek other forms of remedy, thus Social Media reporting was born. They pushed the brethren away from the system and now they complain if ever the brethren airs his sentiments somewhere else, FB-Related expulsions became synonymous with going again against the Church Administration.

Q. Why are you against Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo as the Executive Minister?

A. For the record, I have never been, or is, or ever will be against Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo as the Executive Minister of the Church. None in the articles that I have written, to my knowledge, did I ever say anything against the Executive Minister. It is my firm believe that it is God who selects and appoints His chosen one to be the Executive Minister of His people and it is also God who can take that away. I AM NOT AGAINST EVM PERSONALLY. I AM AGAINST THE CORRUPTION AND THE ABUSES THAT IS DESTROYING THE SANCTITY OF THE CHURCH.

Q. If that is truly your belief, then why don’t you just let God handle this problem?

A. Let me tell you a short story to answer that, there was a big storm and flood ensued, a man was stranded at his house. A rescuer passed by and told the man to leave his house while the water is just waist-deep so that he will not perish. The man answered and said that he has faith in God and that God will not forsake him and He will save him. Then the water rose up to the second floor and a rescuer came with a boat and told the man that he was there to save him. The man again said that he has a mighty God who will save him. The water rose up to the ceiling, the man was already on the roof. A helicopter arrived and dropped a harness to rescue him, he shouted with all his might that he has faith that God will save him. The man drowned to death. Need I explain further? But for the benefit of others, allow me to say this, God works in different ways. Let us not demand and expect God to come down on earth and literally fix these one by one. Let us not question God’s ways of cleansing His church to be worthy of Salvation, and we must not reject His ways JUST BECAUSE IT DOES NOT CONFORM TO OUR EXPECTATIONS.

Q. Do you think you will succeed? You are only a handful of people, mostly expelled members? Are you expecting God to help you?

what is rightA. Let me lay down the cards for you. A handful of people willing to stand up for the truth. Two undermanned and overworked lawyers. In a country predominantly influenced by the Iglesia Ni Cristo. With a government whose politicians are mostly dependent on Iglesia Ni Cristo votes. In a time of intensive political preparations for an election year. With a media-base that is majorly run by money, power and influence. YET, the families of Bro. Isaias Samson Jr. and Bro. Lowell Menorca II were able to escape detention to tell their story. The petition of writ of Habeas Corpus and writ of Amparo have been filed at the Supreme Court, handed down to the Court of Appeals with a staggering less than 48 hours, the shortest time on record for a release of Habeas Corpus and Amparo in the Philippines. The first trial of the Menorca’s, two lawyers vs. 22 lawyers (to say the least) from the most feared and most powerful law firms in the country, all of them fierce and rabid with drooling mouths demanding the 3 justices of the Court of Appeals that they immediately dismiss the petition. INC Lawyers’ demands – REJECTED. TRIAL PROCEEDED. Second trial date, all the INC lawyers again DEMANDED that the court do not accept Bro. Lowell Menorca’s affidavit and testimony on account of minor technicalities, this time the INC Lawyers are FURIOUSLY INTIMIDATING THE JUSTICES. Result, INC Lawyers’ demands – REJECTED. Bro. Lowell Menorca’s affidavit were accepted by the court and the Trial date was set for December 1. WITH ALL THESE IMPOSSIBLE ODDS AGAINST US, now tell me if this is not the MIRACULOUS HAND OF THE LORD making all of these possible. Because what is impossible for man is ultimately possible with GOD. Will we succeed? Let God prove His works in his perfect plan and perfect timing. Just seat tight and watch.

Q.If you are not against the Executive Minister then why did Lowell Menorca sue him?

A. We are not against the Executive Minister. The petition was made by Sister Jungko Otsuka, sister of Jingky Otsuka-Menorca and Bro. Lowell Menorca’s brother, Anthony Menorca. The lawyers filed it and the respondent basically is the entity of the Iglesia Ni Crsto which is technically a corporation sole, that is why the head of the corporation sole will have to represent the corporation or the Church. Since the petition is for the corporation sole to release the couple from their detention, definitely the head or official representative of the church, Bro. Eduardo V. Manalo in this case, should represent along with all the involved personalities. After this petition, the couple will sue whoever is responsible to other acts committed against them.

Q. Why do you conspire to replace the Executive Minister? Who do you plan to install as Executive Minister?

A. We never planned, plan or are planning to replace the Executive Minister. Anybody who says so is clearly misinformed. Sometimes people tend to get carried away and are moved by their emotions that they may have said something that is not officially the stand of this endeavor. We are after the exposition of the corruption and the anomalies, not the replacement of the Executive Minister. And it is not our place to choose, recommend or install anybody as replacement.

Q. Is it true that Marco Manalo is the rightful sworn Executive Minister and Angel Manalo is the rightful Auditor of the Church.

A. No. This are but mere rumors, product of somebody else’s imagination. Unfortunately some members and even defenders are led to believe this, that is why I am saying it now for the record that this is NOT TRUE and the exposition of the truth is never anchored on these baseless assumptions. As far as I know, Bro. Marc and Bro. Angel never attested to these claims made by other people.

Q. Aren’t the video interviews of Lowell Menorca II stating that you are Isaias Samson Jr. and the participation of Kelly Ong or Joy Yuson proof enough that you are conspiring against the church?

A. 1 word. 6 letters. DURESS. He was clearly under duress. And anybody who is uneducated on this concept, or has never been kidnapped or taken hostage or was in a very difficult situation, clearly, will not be able to understand the meaning of this. If a person is ever in a situation wherein his life or his family’s life is in grave danger, then he will say or do anything commanded or expected of him by his captors. Please bear in mind that this man, was kidnapped, plotted to be killed, incarcerated for false charges, trapped in a car with a grenade thrown at him, SO DEFINITELY HE KNOWS THAT THESE SANGGUNIAN MEANS BUSINESS AND ARE NOT TO BE DISOBEYED. That was not an interview, it was an INTERROGATION and he knows that the only way for him to survive his predicament is to say whatever they want him to say, and that’s what he did. So I would have expected that he will be forced to confess that he is me among so many things, but nonetheless, no matter what he said, it has no bearing unless he will be able to say it without pressure from his captors, then he will be able to reveal the TRUTH. That is the sole reason why all the INC lawyers are doing everything they can to stop him from testifying and revealing the truth, THEY ARE AFRAID TO LET THE TRUTH OUT. THEY ARE EVEN CONDITIONING THE MINDS OF THE PUBLIC BY NON-STOP (EXPENSIVE) MEDIA MISINFORMATION ON PRINT, RADIO AND TV. THEY ARE REALLY GETTING DESPERATE.

Q. But how can they be under duress or even detained when we can clearly see that they were in the Philippine Arena and even in the recreational area playing badminton?

A. Being able to do normal things like playing badminton, working out on a gym, visiting other places does not mean a person is not illegally detained. Even prisoners are able to to enjoy perks of recreational activities and even visit other places to keep their sanity and physical well-being in check. But what do they all have in common, they will always have SECURITY GUARDS WITH THEM WHEREVER THEY GO. EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE MENORCAS. Not all detention
cells have bars around them. The Menorcas can go anywhere but only INSIDE the Central Compound and never without a Security Guard with them, same thing when they went out to go to the Philippine Arena and the hospital, HEAVILY GUARDED. So basically, those pictures were released to deceive the GULLIBLE, ok wait, I think that’s too harsh of a word to use, let’s just say “the NAIVE” people who are easily fooled. But you are not easily fooled right ?

Q. Why do you block or delete comments of people who are against you in your Facebook wall or page, that’s rude?

A. I have answered this in the past already, but for your sake, let me reiterate, the Facebook Wall and Facebook Page is “mine”, you have yours, I have mine. It is likened to “my” house. If you enter my house, you are welcome to look around and observe or even chat with other guests, but when you start to cause a scandal by bad-mouthing me or what you see in my house and disturb my other guest then you are just being RUDE and you better get the heck out of my house. If you want to liberate all your magnificent ideas, then do it in your own house and invite other people to hear you rant all you want. Simple etiquette says a lot about a person, it’s just that there seem to be a scarcity nowadays.

Q. Why can’t you just admit that the DEFENDERS are being led by Angel and Marco, especially since they already revealed themselves on TV?

A. What did they reveal, that they want to speak to their brother? That doesn’t mean for one minute that they are behind all of this. They were just pushed to the wall and they can no longer withstand the atrocities being committed by the Sanggunian and their cohorts against the church and its members who are just seeking for the truth behind all the lies they have been spreading. Since the time I started and until now, none of them knew who I am, they were never part of my exposition, they were never a part of what I did or what I am doing now. Like you and everybody else, they are just avid readers of my articles.

Q. Why are you trying to start a new religion? Are you offering salvation to your followers?

A. I am not starting a new church. I am pushing for the restoration of the church to its UNBLEMISHED state. Why? Because it has been misused and abused by the corrupted people in the Sanggunian. Ministers who played with money, power and influence to serve their vested interests. I never promised salvation to anyone. If I were to be expelled someday, then so be it. I long and yearn for the Iglesia Ni Cristo of old, the unblemished and uncorrupted one, worthy of receiving salvation. So again, let me emphasize so that you won’t look so stupid asking the same question again, I AM NOT STARTING A NEW CHURCH. THIS IS NOT A NEW RELIGION.

Q. Don’t you know that you will not be saved because you are expelled and salvation are only for those who will remain members?

cca2538fbfa984ed72ade952bde7d8e1_viewA. Okay. Are you happy now? No matter what I say, you will always use this last card as a last resort of desperation to win an argument. And whatever I say, this will be your stand. Then if that will make you happy then, yeah. You will be saved and I will be condemned in hell for all eternity. And yeah, that means that all of those who are disobeying the laws of God but are so good in hiding their anomalies and remained member in the church will be saved and pampered by God for being so deceitful in circumventing the words written in the Bible. While for those who were unjustly expelled, no due process whatsoever, products of coercion and harassment for fighting for what is right, for what is true, for the sake of the church, will be damned forever simply because the people like the Sanggunian can play god and expel anyone they want for asking questions, liking,posting and sharing fb messages or comments. Yup, I guess that kinda summed up your logic on how JUST the Lord God you profess to. Now do you understand why a lot of ministers, officers and members are resorting to anonymity, aliases, masks etc. so that they won’t be identified and eventually expelled. But try giving religious freedom to everyone and ALOW them to speak their mind and inquire about the true state of the church without fear of harassment and expulsion, then we’ll see exactly how many amongst us are TRUE DEFENDERS OF THE CHURCH. You just might be surprised.

Q. Why should we believe you, you are already expelled?

A. THEN DON’T. I never forced anybody to believe me. Believe whatever you want to believe for all I care. But it would be so idiotic to say that you shouldn’t believe a person if he is already expelled or not a member of the Church of Christ, then that would mean that you shouldn’t believe your teacher, your boss, a policeman, a judge or anybody else for that matter since he is not a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo? That is a Cult-like mentality. The TRUTH will always be the TRUTH no matter where it came from. By the way, try telling a policeman, “Why should I listen to you or follow you, you crazy police officer! You’re not a member of our church!”, and let’s see where it gets you.


and before I end this, let me just share one last thought for the day… this comes with a heavy SIGH and both palm to the face… COMMON SENSE IS REALLY NOT SO COMMON AFTER ALL. I think it should be called RareSence. Just a thought for all the over-zealous minions out there.

Antonio Ebangelista

“They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.”