Menorca_2_CNNPHAnd here is what Ka Lowell Menorca has to say about the Church – Iglesia Ni Cristo (Open post on FB):

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BibleMoneyI am Fighting for the RESTORATION of the Church. To bring back the Iglesia Ni Cristo to its former glory and dignity by exposing all the many faces of corruption and abuses done by the Sanggunian and their cohorts even at the risk of our expulsion for the sake of the TRUTH.Exposing what they have done to me and my family is just the beginning.

So those people who are trying to discredit me by saying that I have transferred to another religion is just plain STUPID.Why would I risk my life and my family’s life if I will just switch religion? I am doing this for the many brethren who cannot speak up yet, for all the brethren who yearns to see our beloved Iglesia Ni Cristo back to it’s honorable and unblemished state.

Even if they kill me now, I have made sure that the TRUTH WILL NOT BE SILENCED ANYMORE. All videos, audio recording, pictures, affidavits, all EVIDENCES are electronically saved in secured digital cloud and will be automatically transmitted to all media outfits here and abroad should anything happen to me and my family.

So if you don’t want to fight FAIR and SQUARE, just be ready to find the perfect rock to HIDE under when the TRUTH finally hits you in the face. Poetic Justice just went Digital.Let me repeat this to you… when you blatantly shout “WALA KAYONG EBIDENSYA, WALA KAYONG ALAM, WALA WALA WALA!”

domino2Just make sure that you are MAN ENOUGH when the EVIDENCES DO SHOW UP. STOP RUNNING AWAY.You are making yourself look more guilty by doing EVERYTHING you can to STOP THIS TRIAL? What are you afraid of? What is it in our testimonies and evidences are you afraid of IF you really don’t have anything to hide? We all know the answer to that don’t we?

So instead of running away from the problem, instead of mind-conditioning the brethren to stage another rally, instead of harassing me and my family with your nuisance diversionary tactics, WHY DON’T YOU JUST PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH AND LET THE TRUTH BE HEARD. Disprove it…IF YOU CAN. God is ALWAYS in the side of the TRUTH right?

So if you really do believe in God, and if you still believe that you are still in the side of God, then you shouldn’t be fearing the truth.It doesn’t take rocket science to realize why somebody could be RUNNING AWAY from the TRUTH being heard. One word: GUILTY!

Have a good and peaceful sleep to all of those who were involved in the kidnapping of my family, the attempt on my life, the illegal detention of my family and the continuing threats to our safety.

Sweetdreams po. 😉

Lowell R. Menorca II


“they tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds”