email1Today, I received a stirring email from Ka Eren of Singapore in response to Relections # 9 – “Let’s use our heart …”and this is what she/he had to say:

Hi Bro William,

Menorca_2_CNNPHFirst of all thank you for always sharing good stories such as this one with us, this story from Bro Micah helped us to at least have a personal view on Ka Lowell’s personal life, as a person and most especially as a true minister of the church.

While I am reading this post, I remembered one of the worship service that I have attended few weeks ago here in one of the locale in Singapore. It was during the time when Bro. Lowell was freed by the Sanggunian (you can imagine how desperate the Sanggu was those time to discredit Ka Lowell).

The said worship service was officiated by our new District KSI Ka Marty Pacson, who claimed to be Ka Lowell’s classmate during his time as a BEM student (I’ve been trying to catch a glimpse of him in the video posted by Ka Micah, but didn’t see him).

In the middle of his sermon he bluntly say that Ka Lowell is an arrogant, hard-headed and luxurious student even before, reason is because his father (he got the face to drag the name and reputation of the late Ka Menorca) was the head of the Political Liaison Department of the Church. He also said that Ka Lowell was very unhappy when he was assigned in Sorsogon since his lifestyle does not fit the rural way of living in Sorsogon (wondering how Ka Lowell with his wife survived and succeeded in the locale of Darubba if he really doesn’t like staying in the province with almost nothing at all).

But while saying all these things you can see from him that he does not know Ka Lowell personally, even when he narrated the abduction from Sorsogon to Cavite he cannot clearly tells us what happened (seems that he doesn’t really know what is happening, just trying to make stories as told and convinced our poor brethren. Was he really Ka Lowell’s classmate?).

It was indeed another wasted worship service for me and my family, it really hurts to see with our own eyes that most of the brethren and especially officers whom are close to us are blinded by the Sanggunian’s propaganda, including our own resident minister and head deacons. That night we went home with a heavy heart, while he continue his sermon, I closed my eyes and pray to God to please stop him from telling lies in front of us, I felt like I was choking and couldn’t breathe properly. How can a minister say something like that (with or without knowing the truth). Some of our “pamunuan” even joked about the abduction of Ka Lowell in front of the brethren, during socializing or birthday parties that they attend to. This is how the Sanggunian poisoned our dear brethren, and It is happening not just in Singapore but all over the world.

I hope that one day (hopefully soon) our brethren will have an open hearts and mind and with God’s grace and guidance will seek for the truth like us. It is very sad to see our brethren whom we love and respect getting along the path that our “so called beloved” Sanggunian have planned and prepared for them. It is very disheartening to see ministers who preaches us to be a good Christian doing their best to secure their personal wealth and position in the church.

My family and I prayed that someday when all of this is behind us, we will able to see and attend a worship service that is pleasing to our Lord God and our Lord Jesus Christ. We truly missed having a minister who preach the words of God and NOT the words of man (or for this matter, the words and laws of Sanggunian).

We also pray for Ka Lowell and his family, and all the other ministers who continuously fight for the truth and just in order to bring the Church to its former glory.Thank you once again Bro William and may God continue to use you to help us to keep holding firm in our faith in this time of distress.

Dear Ka Eren,

Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts.  Such recollections give us all the reason to continue with the fervent belief that the Church will survive and triumph as our God and Maker so prophesied.  Best regards Ka Eren and take care.