Another interesting message sent to Antonio Ebangelista from a fellow Ministerial Worker on Ka Lowell Menorca.  The message speaks for itself.

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This is a special message that a Defender sent me. Apparently he is a “Micah”, commonly regarded as the most popular section in CEM during the SY1999-2005 batch of BEM where Ka Lowell Menorca II belonged. Let me quote his message:

“Dear Ka AE,

I am one of the Defenders who is also a Minister and is currently assigned here abroad. I am a “Micah”. That is a term used by our batch to pertain to our section. I respectfully decline to state my real identity for there are only but a few “Micahs” left in the Ministry. Our batch was one of the biggest during our days, we started as 1,500 Prep. Students and upon graduation, only 300 were left, and only 40 were sworn in as Regular Church workers, one of them is Ka Lowell. It hurts us to see what has happened to our beloved church and especially to our beloved Ministry. If there is one man whom I would think who would stand up for what is right, and who would be bold enough to clean up the mess, I know it would be Ka Lowell, or Boyet as he was fondly called before. Even during our BEM years, he was already a very likable and dynamic leader, always putting others welfare before himself.

He was always energetic and very positive, very jolly, and his enthusiasm was always very contagious and everybody knew it, even the staff and teachers of CEM. That is why it was no surprise to always hear of stories from brethren everywhere spreading news about him and how he always seem to “energize” any locale he has been assigned in, making their locale either the Top 1 or among the top locales in their Districts. It is not so hard to understand why the Kapatids love Ka Lowell so much, from the very youngest to the eldest brethren, it’s just the way he is, he really pours all of himself in his duty as a Manggagawa, caring for the flock that was assigned to him.

He was never selfish since then until now, and he was never afraid of any “tough” situation or hardship, he adjusts well to any situation, that’s why we call him Superman then, because there was no problem then that he couldn’t solve. He really knows how to treat people well, treating everyone, people of all ages and stature, “magaling syang makisama sa lahat ng uri ng tao at ang galing ng PR nya sa tao”. It’s also the reason why, sad to say, some fellow Ministers are quick to be jealous at him.

In all the years I’ve known him, and with all the people that I’ve talked to about him, we’ve never seen him get angry at anybody… not once. I remember something he always used to say and I’ve heard this from a head deacon from one of his locales too, “Tayong mga nasa Ministerio may tulong mula sa Pamamahala para tumupad ng Tungkulin, ang mga Maytungkulin at mga Kapatid wala. Tumutupad sila ng Tungkulin dahil sa pananampalataya at madalas ay nagagastusan pa sila, tapos pagdating sa Lokal, pagagalitan pa natin? Kaya di maganda yung magagalitin, matatakot pumunta ng Lokal ang kapatid kapag alam nilang pupunta si ng Lokal at mapapagalitan din lang. Gawin lang nating masaya lagi sa Lokal at tyak sila ang pupunta ng Lokal ng di mo na kailangang pilitin” (We in the Ministry, we have financial assistance from the Church Administration so we can perform our duties, the church officers and brethren don’t. They perform their duties out of faith, most of the time they even spend from their own pockets, and what happens when they get to the locale? We get angry at them? That is why it is not good to be ill tempered, the brethren will be afraid to go to the locale if they know that they will only be scold at. Let’s just try to make the locale have a happy atmosphere, for sure the brethren will be drawn to go to the locale with you even forcing them).

Maybe this is the reason why he holds the record for always having the most number of new church officers everywhere he is assigned to. That is why all these “black propaganda” of lies against him, designed to discredit him and malign his integrity, IT WILL NOT WORK ON PEOPLE WHO TRULY KNOWS BRO. LOWELL. It will only work on those people who either cannot think for themselves or those who are quick to judge or easily influenced, which is quite few compared to those who are already AWAKE of the things that are currently happening now in the church.

I and my whole family, along with our batchmates are extremely saddened to see the many hurtful things that other brethren are saying about him, very unchristianly, even from fellow Ministers, especially from “used-to-be” respectable Ministers. And these comments are coming from people who don’t even know a single thing about him, they don’t even know him personally, yet they persecute him. As one who have known him eversince we were Preparatory students, let me say this… Ka Lowell is no saint, “may pagka-pilyo talaga sya”, but in a good way, but hey, aren’t we all, and embarrassing as it may seem to admit, most of us are way more “pilyo” than him, but Bro. Lowell is undoubtedly, a kind hearted, loving and devoted Minister of the Church. I can even say with all humility that he is more worthy to be called a Minister than me or anybody else I know.

We all know why he is not ordained like the rest of our batch. Not because he doesn’t have the heart nor the spirit to be a Minister, but because the Sanggunian knows that he will be a threat to them someday. Well that day just arrived. The Sanggunian tried to get him as far away from Central as possible, far from sight, far from promotion even with all his achievements, because the Sanggunian knows that Bro. Lowell grew up to be just like his father Ka Lowell was, one of the most effective, loyal and trusted advisers of Bro. Eraño Manalo during his days. That is why I shake my head in disapproval everytime anybody would say that Bro. Lowell shouldn’t be called “Minister” because he wasn’t ordained, because we know deep in our hearts that he is more of a Minister than others for he never compromised with the Truth.

Someday I hope I will have enough courage to reveal my real identity and join the crusade in exposing the many deviated regulations currently manifesting inside the church yet nobody is really brave enough to expose them… Thank you Bro. Boyet for having the courage and integrity to stand up for what is right and bring to light what is wrong.

This video is taken during our Baccalaureate Service for all graduating BEM students and our family in our batch, held at Templo Central. This was thru the initiative of Bro. Lowell, who sacrificed so much just to preserve moments like this and make our Ministerial study life a bit more colorful and enjoyable compared to other batches. Bro. Lowell would always find a way to come up with events and activities that will always push us to become better and better. This video is one of the many videos he took and edited into wonderful short films like this and he would give us all a copy as a remembrance, i even show this in our gathering in the locale and when we have a campaign to encourage young men to join the Ministry, it always gave me good results.

You will see most of our classmates and batchmates here whom probably you know, is assigned to your locale, district, office or probably also out of the Ministry too. I am in communication with most of these people and I am proud to say that 80% of these Ministers are cheering and praying for Bro. Lowell to come out of this trials triumphant. The 20% are either scared to lose their bread and butter or have already received a different spirit.

To my friends, batchmates, classmates and family who are watching this video, I hope you pause for a while and remember exactly WHAT kind of ministry we received, WHERE we started in life, WHO helped us and taught us along the way, WHEN did we finally decide that we will embrace this Ministry til the end and stand up for the true teaching of Christ, and finally, WHY we became Ministers… not for money, glory, recognition, power and convenience… but because we love the church, we love the brethren and we love GOD above all else. I hope those who have become wicked at heart and clouded minds, I pray that we all return to that day when we graduated from the Bachelor of Evangelical Ministry, and be open minded and open hearted, not to accept everything THEY say so, just because THEY say so, let’s use our heart to see thru the lies, let’s all stand for what is TRUE and JUST. I hope that we will all be one in Restoring the Church to it original stature of holiness and glory. May God help us all.




Bro. Micah,

I honestly feel that adding anything else to your message will not do you any justice because it is enough to convey the true message for our brethren to ponder upon. Thank you very much for sharing this video and the other side of the Ka Lowell that most of us do not know. Now we know why those who DO NOT really know him are always quick to judge him while those who really do, ADMIRE AND RESPECT HIM.

Antonio Ebangelista


“They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.”