As most of us continue to seek answers  to an issue that has never been experienced by the Church, one reader Readthebookofmathew offered this rational review on the matter.

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capture-20151116-120459God gave us the capacity to think rationally so we can learn His commandments wisely. Religious leaders who use God’s laws and commandments for a wrong reason is a “Spiritual abuse (you can research about spiritual abuse online).” Don’t they think that they insult God and Jesus when religious leaders abuse God’s words? Don’t they think that It is abominable to God and Jesus to use Their Holy words to manipulate peoples’ mind?

Brethren, we are not the only religious organization that face this kind of unpleasant experiences. Some of these organizations still standing and some changed a little bit for the better. I remember about maybe 15 years ago, I remember that there was a featured lesson in the worship service. It is about Martin Luther, a protestant reformist. If I can remember correctly, the content of that specific worship service lesson was Martin Luther was considered Angel or messenger of God. I did not know him then until that lesson came along and so I researched.

The Catholic Church has gone through very long dark ages. The Medieval inquisition was a irrefutable history. inquisitionvictimThey tried to hide in their closets about their immoral sexual abuse and molestations but of course, revealed and they paid the price(literally for some victims). How is Catholic Church right now? I think they are better now when it comes to human rights. They are now showing compassion and their leaders apologized for publicly known abuses and offenses. Religious leaders should not be insecure and defensive about “questions” as it is an equivalent of “evil”. Valid questions could be a “feedback” that should given attention. What do many businesses value nowadays for improvement? It is the “feedback” they continuously receive. This is just a product or services that they want a feedback badly. How about with us? Our church is about Spiritual lives that should be handled with great care.

Some bad experiences could be a blessings in disguise. Only God knows His plans and we should trust His plans for all of us. When God is done with His plans, I believe that the next set of church administration would learn a lesson from the current one. Tyranny does not work. It should not be even in a church vocabulary. If they call it tough love, it only works in very few situations. Most of the times tough love back fires and worst, it harms the recipient of tough love.

Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Quotes-13This current situation in the Church of Christ should set it straight with those people who are saying we are in a cult organization. WE ARE NOT A CULT because many of use our mind to know what is wrong and what is right. When it is right we do not question. When it is wrong, we use our brain for critical analysis, then we question. There are still many that do not understand due to fear for life, fear of losing faith, fear of losing source of income, age related reasons, uninformed, misinformed, and lastly, some refused to think critically at all. May God give us all the wisdom, love, faith, and hope that we need including the current administration.

It is not too late to humble ourselves.

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