From the locale of North Hollywood, one TheLionsOfEden wrote:

north hollywood…(Growing up in Locale of North Hollywood) …The present Iglesia Ni Cristo is not the same like before. I remember those days when INC Brethren always smiled and the Christian brotherhood was strong. The moral values of each members are recognized even by the non-
members themselves. Now the present state of the church with the corrupt leaders including the INC Sangunnian has already torn apart the church that once was.

Go and attend any Locales here, you will see many brethren are not much smiling. many are fearful to what will happen next. You will see stares and distrust among ourselves. If they don’t recognize you, they will stare and want to be careful for who you are and what is your intentions why you are here. There are expulsions left and right, rumors of other members and if they are part of the church or against. The trust within the church and also within the families are no longer sacred.

Example, once you are expelled, even your own blood will shun you and disown you. With the thousands of members being expelled around the world, how many families are already broken? Is it not that God instituted the love of God and also the love of the family? Even Bro. Eduardo Manalo himself cannot even make peace with his own family and even expelled his own mother and brothers and sisters, all active officers and respected members of the INC Community, and that same Bro. Eduardo Manalo who claim on live televised Worship Service said He is willing to die for all the brethren, this same person, when he was called for a Court Appearance date that day, has left the country, claiming he wasn’t hiding but claimed He did not know? Really?

thumbprintIt was all over the TV news and newspapers, and only his high paid lawyers showed up instead of himself? Above the Law, but you cannot be above God. These leaders not just give a bad example to ordinary INC Members, teaching members how to shun and hate, to submit in a slave like mentality as a necessity for Salvation. One with EVM, One with EVM, the banners and logos all over the INC chapels around the world, and here we are attacking the Catholic Church putting Crosses and Statutes of Saints in their chapels. Is it not the same, we glorify EVM more that Jesus Christ himself that we put these Idolatrous EVM logos all over sacred chapel grounds.

Now I know why Our Lord God is so angry and cause chaos to this once peaceful and humble Christian Church, Those banners in the chapels remind me of Nazi Germany during WWII…Our Lord God is a jealous God and Bro. EVM cannot save you, but the members were recently fed during worship services, that if you go against EVM, you go against God… So it seems EVM is still on top above of God, then God is second. The present state of the church is no more Christian Love or Humbleness, it is now all about lawsuits, money, expulsions, money, fear, money, offerings, special offerings, special special offerings, money, Lamborghinis, Big Mansions, Victoria Court Condos, Airbus Planes, Philippine Arena featuring unchristian-related concerts and activities, using Facebook to demean expelled ministers and members, the brotherly love and the unity within the church is all gone now, its just all members that are hard hearted and angry and distrustful among themselves.

rallyRemember the so called Vigil, aka Rally.? Listen to the INC Members with their dirty mouth, screaming Hustisya Hustisya led by a INC Spokesperson himself, these are dirty bad words you would not even call your own mother that words. Then the way they threaten or poke fun of Attorney T. Angeles, it seems anyone that tries to expose the INC Sangunnian either gets threatened or called dirty names? What has happened to the Iglesia Ni Cristo now?

Like I said, I still remember the days before EVM and Sangunnian, the days of our beloved Bro. Erano Manalo, when we were well respected and pristine, the time when the INC encouraged Family Hour and when we had local activities that benefit the brotherhood of the church, now most of out activities now are rallies, protest, Facebook character assassinations, ACTIV, SCAN, expulsions, threats, grenades, illegal detainment, kidnapping, corruption, Guinness Book of World Boastfulness, ect ect, if i write more, it will turn into a book…. (P.S. Please refresh my memory, a few years ago, we were instructed not to put the INC Logo or flags and the face of EVM in our Facebook and social media, and also all INC Ministers and family are not allowed to have Facebook, this was for total control over ministers lives, they even made it a strict policy. Is the INC Sangunnian that desperate they need to reverse this as ammunition for their own personal gain?) The INC Sangunnian can expel expel innocent members all they want, but you ask, who will expel the INC Sangunnian? ..It will be Our Lord Almighty God himself, and its not just expulsion to the faith, but expulsion of their souls… They are the true Fallen Angels…