Once in a while, I receive letters so modest and simple yet so sad.  This is one of those letters.

  • William

Hello Brother,

takepridehavefaithI …  would like to share what happened during an activity in our locale. I am confused on what is happening. Propagation is still the drive and as a member, I am oblige to participate. I was caught up with the moment during the time our Minister were preaching about the need to call a lot of souls for salvation. I have to agree 100% on what I am hearing, because our church is the way to salvation.

At the end of the preaching, I could not take in his last words. That the propagation is meant as a gift to the Executive Ministers birthday next year. We call people to turn their ways back to God. Which follows that God among all is the one we should give this gifts of new souls that will worship Him. Because He is the Creator and we were created to glorify Him.

72d2a7c37310746ad9d910873a778c61We worship and glorify Christ, because it is the commandment of God for Him to glorified too.

Twice in separate events, I heard the same sentences. That if the propagation becomes successful, it will be dedicated to the Executive Minister. Please understand, that I do not question his authority. His authority is of God as taught to each and every member.

Sad to say, I hear less about God and Christ during worship service. It is either the name of the Executive Minister or the Fallen Angels as they refer to those who allegedly turned away from God.

I am writing you out of confusion and frustration.

We have a God who sees everything and loves us. I hope he will continue to bless us with unshakeable faith. Because without faith especially His love, we are nothing.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter.

In Christ,

(as requested, writer’s identity withheld)