I have no misgivings with any of  my brothers and sisters in the Church so although I may be receiving some negative comments with respect to this site, you will never hear me downgrading any regular church-going brethren.  But for all the ministers trusted to safeguard our faith and who have so miserably failed to do so starting from the Executive Minister, there will be no let up I assure you.  You will not be hearing from me alone but from others like me who will not take ‘no’ for an answer when asked to reform and clean up this mess they alone created.  The Executive Minister will not be allowed to hide behind that distorted biblical interpretation that he is ‘answerable only to God.’ He will be answerable to Christ, and to the Church for hiding behind that curtain of ‘invincibility’.  He will also be answerable to man in the courts of law outside the church boundaries for abuse of authority and trust – squandering with church funds.

This bungling idea of involving Menorca’s  family with a third party over Net 25 is another case of stupidity in action.  Didn’t anyone of these idiots see that  Menorca and his wife have their own  families, relatives, and supporters.  In effect they’re creating havoc on both sides including their sympathizers. This is after a call of ‘sobriety’ on all members by Edwil Zabala.  Actually, I pity the poor fellow.  Mouthing and simply spitting out whatever is fed to him by his masters.  You’re a disgusting far cry from your late Bishop father.  I know your family’s social standing.  Hindi ka naman gugutumin lalo na ang pamilya mo kung sakaling nanindigan ka noon, pero hindi eh.  For whatever reason only you can answer that.

Well anyway that out of the way, please let me share with you a mail I received from one SKSantos and a reply from Reynald to said comment.


If God right now is looking down upon the INC as a whole, his chosen one in these last days, the one he set apart to save from eternal punishment come judgment day… will He consider it worthy of that great privilege? Is the INC right now a worthy recipient of the blood of Christ?

He will see the INC as a divided body, unclean, members going after one another exchanging vile and un-Christian words, promoting hate, anger and vengeance instead of LOVE… we are a sorry sight right now and God is disappointed and mad of what we have become.

It’s unfortunate to see members hurl hurtful insults to others (members or non-members alike) on the internet seemingly without any thought of consideration. We have clearly forgotten the meaning of a verse that was used to be read to us:

James 3:11-12New International Version (NIV)
11 Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring?

And most unfortunate of all is that this is being promoted/practiced/tolerated by ministers of the INC. We have read from minister’s FB posts and writings of how they mock and ridicule the physical appearances and intellect of the personalities involved in this mess… there was a certain lady reporter who was maligned and even accused of being promiscuous and “enjoying” how a group of armed bandits raped her when she was held captive – that is just pure evil to say something as heartless as that…. making fun of how “chubby” a detained kidnapping victim is and using that as an argument to discredit his accusations… and of course we all remember that minister who was leading a crowd of Christians chanting “Hostess siya! Hostess siya! In the middle of EDSA to show all of these non-believers who are destined to go to the lake of fire what kind of people God will save on the day of judgement… God must be looking down on that crowd wondering to Himself “where did I go wrong?”

Just last week, a very young minister officiated in the biggest locale in Northern California. He introduced himself as the new CFO adviser for the district. He goes about his sermon with a condescending attitude towards the brethren in attendance like this is the first time they are hearing that kind of lesson… he tries valiantly to engage the congregation by asking questions only to be met by the sound of chirping crickets… especially when he asked “what is the movie that is opening in cinemas soon that we all should watch?……………… chirp! chirp! ……. Then he turns around to the HD and mockingly asked him “ are all these bible students?”

He then asked the HD without a sense of respect in the way he talks to him, “how long have you been in this locale? Have you always had this chapel? The HD clearly caught off guard by the way this “kid” is talking to him tries his best to answer… the minister then turns around to face the congregation to declare that this is the proof of the INC is the one true Church – before we do not have a chapel, now we do – a big one at that, as if the validation of the INC lies on a material building.

Yes, the chapel is a great blessing from God to that locale, but I think he forgot to realize that the HD that he was talking down to, together with the pioneer members in attendance that night are the ones, with the help of God, who made that happen… so at least give them a little bit of respect when you address them.

There was a moment the minister asked the congregation who are born in the Church. And since he could not get a reaction from the brethren, he turns around points a finger to the choir as a whole and asked the same question… that was so insulting for a kid half your age to rudely point at you like that so that you will be forced to raise your hand to answer his question…. For good measure, when he was delivering the circular about the FYM movie, he again mockingly said that the congregation seems to be a collection of bible students…

Maybe it was a joke attempt in bad taste, and I hope it does not illustrate the mindset and heart of these so called NewGen ministers.

I hope peace is coming soon…

Ephesians 6:23-24New International Version (NIV)
23 Peace to the brothers and sisters, and love with faith from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. 24 Grace to all who love our Lord Jesus Christ with an undying love.

Reynald –

Brother, the part about the egotistical minister was probably the most infuriating thing I’ve heard all week, and I’ve attended EVM’s most recent WebEx! It’s funny, because just a few months ago I would have dismissed this as hyperbole, but now it’s as if these people have been given a license to misbehave. What can we expect from the minions though, when the leader is about as rotten as a month old banana on the kitchen counter?