collage120By the time you read this, Minister Lowell Menorca and his entire family would be expelled from the roster (the term church no longer appears appropriate). The cause of his explusion – paglaban sa pamamahala. He was arrested, handcuffed, brought to Cavite and put in jail; then transferred to the Central compund and detained against his will.  When he asked why, he was charged with paglaban sa pamamahala. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? And for the first time in the history of our Church the Executive Minister and his immediate council are ordered by the the Supreme Court to appear and present before the Court of Appeals individuals reportedly illegally detained in the Central compound. How embarrassing. Another round of EDSA in the offing?

This division among the membership lies mainly upon the confusion on the perception of Divine Authority practiced by the Executive Minister and his council.  The pros maintain that it is absolute and without exception.  The appointee can never go wrong, it is God’s decision therefore totally final and executory.  Bible verses (which are plenty) confirming this stand.  On the other hand the antagonists stress that Divine Authority comes with it responsibility and that same right ceases when God’s truth is malaigned and abused. Bible verses (plenty too) are also quoted for reference.

Now, how do we resolve the issue? Answer: Pray to God and ask for guidance.  Easier said than done.  During Ka Erdy’s rule, when discourses and arguments prevailed from both or either side, he would ultimately adjudicate with wisdom and finality.  Those were the days when we were all tightly knit members of one small family under one disciplined but compassionate father.  There was no reason to search for answers elsewhere.  His word was God.

salvationNow, what have we become? Bickering all over social media for the world to see.  Both sides claiming righteousness and belittling the other, all inside and within the confines of the Church.  And in the same breath boasting and claiming sole distinction to salvation as the only true church established by Christ.  That same Christ who taught us sacrifice of self for the love of  brethren and the Church.

What a sorry lot we’ve become. Shame on us all.

And for whatever it’s worth, begging that God will grant us one more chance to prove our worth.  And for Him to lift this dying Church now engulfed in mud and slime, embrace it once more not for our sake but for Christ His only begotten son, and someway, somehow, find in His heart to forgive us all for being such ungrateful children.