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(Thank you Lando Calrissian, for taking notice.  Corrections have been made in accordance with your observations. Again my sincere apologies.            

– William)                         

The movie Felix Manalo for Week 41 covering October 7 – 11 has earned a gross total of PHP P130,330,964 million making it the number 1 box office draw for that particular week.

IMG00271-20151016-1227capture-20151016-202742How is it faring in movie houses as of October 15, 2015? Out of a total of 114 SM movie theaters in Metromanila, 14 theaters are still showing it; Outside Metro (Luzon), from 115 theaters, 27 are still showing; and in the Visayas, out of 44 theaters, 8 are still showing.  Summing it up for the whole of the country, out of 273 SM movie houses, 49 are still showing “Felix Manalo”.

IMG00269-20151016-1201The million dollar question? Kumikita ba? Remember Church funds were used in producing the bio-epic.

According to Bayani San Diego Jr. of the Daily Inquirer (October 14, 2015):

“A local film needs to earn three times its production budget since earnings are divided among theater owners, taxes and producers. Since “Heneral Luna” cost P80 million, it needed to earn at least P240 million to recoup producers investment…”

Untitled-2What is the production budget for “Felix Manalo”? Wikipedia has this to say – it is P150 million pesos.  So in effect it needs to make at least P450 million to break even.

P130 million is a far cry from P450 million.  And that is only to break even.

Let’s hope we can still recoup.