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The following appears in the Guinness site —

guiness certificate“The largest gospel choir consists of 4,745 participants and was achieved by the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Philippines) at the Philippine Arena in Ciudad de Victoria, Bulacan, Philippines, on 27 July 2014.”

However, yesterday October 12, 2015, ADD managed to break it with an attendance of 10,000 members, as shown in the Daily Inquirer Oct. 13, 2015 issue  –

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No problem bright boys of Central, just advise all your pastors to go to the Philippine Arena (again)  with their hundreds of “One with EVM” followers  BUT this time in all white formal attire and have them sing in unison their loyalty song to the great EVM.  I’m sure it will be some time before anyone can beat a 50,000 strong “choir”.  Kung madaig ito, di papuntahin sa Luneta lahat ng miyembro na nakaputi para awitin ang papuri kay EVM.  Kung madaig nanaman di isama nyo lahat ng mga ministro at pangunahan ng mahal natin TP.  Kung madaig nanaman, isama lahat ng mga bata, kung madaig, isama lahat ng mga sanggol, kung madaig …

At sa huli ang isisigaw natin “Sa Diyos ang Kapurihan!” Ganoon lang ba yon?

Like I have always said, when you lose focus everything becomes unclear literally and figuratively.  The Guinness?  Crap, it’s only good until the next better one comes along.