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Letter to Brother William — thoughts on Special Offerings

“They Think We’re Dumb”

It amazes me how smart people can be SO dumb.

It is brought to the senior administration’s attention that we know
you are stealing and/or mismanaging the offerings of The Brethren.
Our response? Complain about things like the repeated “Special
Offerings” that shouldn’t be necessary if you were managing the money
properly. Your response? Changing the name. You’re no longer
extorting “Special Offerings” from the Brethren. You’re having TWO
“District Fund Offerings” each month instead of just one. Then you
have the District send that second Offering (from EVERY locale around
the world) to Central. You say it’s for the IEVM that occurred in
September, but you extort it from us in October too.

What’s next? Choosing a random disaster from somewhere around the
world and having a Special Lingap Offering for that?

Someday soon (likely in November), we’ll have to listen to a circular
from Central informing us, “Brethren… Our Brothers and Sisters in
California are being devastated by the many fires occurring there.
They are losing their homes. They are losing their livelihoods. So
we must band together as One (ehem…) and help our Brethren. So, in
the spirit of Love and Brotherhood (and cause the Bible tells us
too….and here are the many verses), we’re going to have a Special
Lingap Offering every third Sunday for the next three months. Oh!
By the way… How does that make you feel? We need you to fill-out a
Reaction Paper to this, okay?”

They (The senior administration who make these decisions) don’t care
that they are reducing the income of all locales by about 1/3 every
month they have these Special Offerings (no matter what name they’re
called), making it difficult for many medium and small locales to even
pay their bills. Does Central care? No! They’ve done it repeatedly
for the last several years, and they’ll continue to do it. How do the
Brethren in many locales respond? They move in unified and silent
protest by reducing their offering amounts. The response? We are
given instructions to hold more “Special Setting-Aside Offerings”,
“Special District Fund Offerings”, etc.

Our ministers know this is going on. They are extremely intelligent
and you can see (in the good ones) the regret and embarrassment on
their faces when they are forced to conduct rally’s for these
additional offerings, or when they have to nearly beg the locale
officers to help them quietly campaign the Brethren for enough
additional funds for the locale, just so they can meet this month’s
bills (lights, water, etc.). They KNOW that this shouldn’t be
necessary. They KNOW that the Brethren of their locale are giving
enough — more than enough — each month to not only meet the needs of
the locale, but to do renovations, if necessary, and to buy light
bulbs and to clean the carpets and to do all of the other normal
things you SHOULD be able to do to maintain a property.

There will come a day (and it doesn’t look too far off) when Brethren
are just gonna say, “Enough!” They will follow the example of all
other religions who have money-hungry leaders. They will stop ALL
extra forms of offerings. No more Lingap. No more Setting-Aside. No
more District Fund. And, sadly, no more Locale Fund. They will
likely only put a few dollars in the offering pouch during worship
service, like 98% of all other church parishioners in the world,
because they too became sick and tired of the money mismanagement
and/or corruption in their religion. Our Brethren will finally
realize, “Hey – wait! I control my own money. I really DON’T have to
give it to people who don’t know how to manage it.”

That day is coming. It’s coming very soon.