recollection2Thank you dear brothers and sisters for unceasingly bringing  hope inside our Church we dearly hold sacred.  I’d like to share with you two more insights, this time  from Bros. Emmanuel Aguiluz and Juan Crisostomo Ibarra.

Japanese-Occupation( By Emmanuel Aguiluz )

My mother was 10 during the Japanese Occupation. She lived in a province up north where the Church had already established itself. Her whole family was converted prior to the war.

I remember my mom’s story of how their destinado refused to evacuate when the Japanese were already marching into the my mom’s town because my grandmother obstinately refused to leave her house. Ka Quintana plead with my grandma, saying “Ka Ising I will not leave this barrio if your family stays on. My family has already left for Quiapo I am the only one left and I will not leave without you or your family. I cannot allow any of the brethren to get hurt by the Japanese.”

How many of our ministers can still put the welfare of the brethren over their own welfare? How many, like Ka Quintana, show such deep unabiding love and concern for the flock? Unfortunately, our current crop of ministers now behave like kings, lords, and politicians. It’s disheartening to see where we have come to.

Quote-From-The-Bible-5(By Juan Crisostomo Ibarra)

Dear brother,

Thank you for writing. It brings balance to me as well as for many brethren who feel betrayed.

These past months have become the most trying as our faith in the church administration has been shaken; a solid reputation that has now been shattered. I cannot understand why there are still many brethren who believe that EVM and the Sanggunian are infallible. As Jesus once said, “Only God is good.”

EVM and the Sanggunian have refused to give logical explanations for the allegations of inappropriacy. They have simply swept the issues under the rug; conveniently citing biblical reference to claim divinity and hence infallibility. But many brethren who are critical thinkers; those whose hearts and minds seek and dwell in the truth — those whose faith in the church, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Almighty Father remain strong — are disappointed. But, we are patient. God will vindicate His church and will uphold the righteous in His time. Maybe not in our time. Maybe not in a hundred years. But God sees everything. I only pity EVM and the Sanggunian when they themselves face the Father on the day of judgment.

If the church organization collapses from lack of funds or financial inappropriacy, if our houses of worship even crumble, the real church which Christ will save, and that which exists in the collective hearts of the true faithful, will endure. And not the fanatics.

Salamat po muli.

Ang inyong kapatid sa Panginoon,
Juan Crisostomo Ibarra

Felix_Manalo_movie_poster(Just an afterthought on the Felix Manalo movie premiere at the Arena … were there any of the Manalo family/clan present at the premiere? I can’t seem to find a single picture of them.  I might be wrong though, just asking (smile) – William)