Unfortunately whether we like it or not the Church membership is now divided into three classes.  For convenience let’s call them (1) Extreme Right, (2) Extreme Left, and (3) Silent Majority.  Let’s define the three.

(1) Extreme Right – These are the vocal “One with EVM, Never can go wrong” group.  Their principle of infallibility, omnipotence, and divinity governs their line of thinking.  Everyone outside these boundaries are considered traitors and enemies of the Church.

(2) Extreme Left – That’s us (smile).  Also vocal, presenting thoughts and views on administrative inconsistency, questioning irregularities and lack of genuine leadership.

On social media you can easily distinguish one from the other.  The Right use the church approved icon/logo the thumbprint with the three colors (green,white, and red). The Left has none.  It started with the  black ribbon but subsequently left to the personal preference of the user.

(Hmmm … ironic don’t you think – when we point to the Catholics to justify the mark of the beast [devil] as tanda ng Hinlalaki ng Kanan Kamay… Now, we have our very own version of the hinlalaki ng kanan kamay –  the right hand thumbprint signifying loyalty to EVM proudly displayed on social media and soon pins and brooches boldly hanging from our lapels and chests [twenty to twenty-five pesos each po if you may be interested).

Let’s go back to the last category.  (3) Silent Majority – Here lies the quiet ones.  Not the Ministers, or Officers, or their families but the rest of the God-fearing Church goers.  Mga estudyante, empleyado, negosyante, guro, pulis, sundalo, atbp.  Mga walang Tungkulin pero nakikita mong sumasamba tuwing Huwebes at Linggo.  Sila po ang bumubuo ng mayoria ng Iglesia.  These are the so-called Silent Majority.  What are their inclinations?  To the left or to the right? Is there a way to gauge their thinking/stand on the current issues affecting the Church?

There is.  The Pamunuan (the locale version of the Sanggunian) knows for sure where the church members of their locale stand.  It’s a simple task really.  Just comparing the kasiglahan records of membership attendees in a pagsamba and financial records of the locale on a weekly, monthly, and a yearly basis wll show how the Church is faring.  Our locale for example has dropped for kasiglahan from 25 to 40 percent.  In other words for every 100 members, 40 brethren no longer attend church services as compared to the previous 25.  Likewise pananalapi has dropped from a high 60 percent to a low 20, meaning only 20 percent of the members participate actively in church funding.  For Metromanila this trend would be similar throughout.  Mahigit kalahati sa mga lokal ng Metro ay may utang sa Distrito dahil kulang ang pumapasok na pondo para sa lokal (actually I should say a fault of the distrito because there were many instances where the supposed fund of the local [for a particular week] were advised to be turned-over to the District Office/Central).  Just ask your local pastor or pamunuan for confirmation.

As in any organization though membership is important, it is likewise imperative that internal funds are sufficient to cover all the needs of the Church.  As the Church grows so does its needs.  Are we financially stable and capable to cope with all the needs of a growing Church, or are we just showing off? We fill the Philippine Arena, stadiums, and chapels with people for a grand evangelical mission and then takes a jab at social media by declaring:

“Kung totoo ang sinasabi nila  [addressed to those making “false” accusations against the INC circulated in media and in the social media], hindi sana nangyayari ngayon ang kasalukuyang aktibidad na ito.  Ito’y katunayan na kasama natin ang Diyos. (If what they are saying is true, then this event would not be happening today. This is proof that we have God on our side),”



Now, let’s dissect. What’s the relevance of “false” accusations spread on media with the number of crowds attending that particular event?  And what is the connection of a crowd to prove that God supports its side?  Well, going along that line of thinking – “false accusations” -, first deny this dear Executive Minister circulating on social media:

(1) Church funds were used to pay off Chris Brown in a “no-show” concert at the Arena including Katy Perry;

(2) Church funds were used to put up half a dozen foundations in one family name the Santos’.

(3) Church funds were used to build the Fort Victoria Condo and the purchase of an Airbus 330-202 and a Boeing executive jet that cost billions of pesos only to sell it off at a losing price.

Mismanagement, clear as the blue sky.

And when does a “crowd” become a benchmark in determining  presence of God.  On the contrary,  the bible also offers a wise advise – ang mapapahamak ay kasing dami ng buhangin sa dagat. Take note if you consider the following crowds during the papal visit and the World Youth Day celebration as “God is on our side”:

Brazil Youth day Manila World youth Day

Maybe it’s high time we focus on quality and care of our brethren in ascertaining salvation rather than on sheer numbers especially during this festive period of election fever where eyebrows tend to rise suggesting a different purpose other than call of salvation.

On a side note, I just wish that the Church would give our sick, poor, and depressed brethren the same attention it gives our visitors to our grand evangelical missions.  Our foundations – how many are there, half a dozen? I’ve lost count.  Each foundation with an operating fund of not less than a hundred million coming out of our Church funds and still our sick brethren are refused financial assistance forcing them to go to the Charity Sweepstakes instead.  Mauubos daw kapag lahat ng humingi ay tutulungan.  Nakabili ng dalawang eroplano, may helicopter pa, nakapagpagawa ng high end na condo, arena, stadium, atbp. Tapos pag-hingi ka ng barya baka mauubos.  Ang totoo, baka wala ng pera at tama ang sinabi ng Ka Suratos ( Ingat-Yaman ng Iglesia) “ Ingat na lang siya, wala ng Yaman.”  Who knows maybe we still have sufficient funds .. but only on paper.

Going back, are we financially sound?  If yes, then why are we now requiring rent from all the housings put up for ministers, manggagawas, at kawani? Why the cuts in their tulong?  Why no more overtime pay for our construction workers?

young-man-relax-dog-19257744Goofy is barking at me (Puso mo!, Puso mo, Bossing!)  You’re right Goof. Let’s go out for a walk and watch a movie afterwards – Minions 2.  We love cartoons!